Outlook Express Recovery

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Outlook Express recovery

Outlook Express is Microsoft’s free email client, distributed with Internet Explorer 6. It provides users with the ability to check email using both IMAP and POP, along with an integrated newsgroups reader. The various areas present in Outlook Express can be viewed with the single mouse click. Messages present in each of the mailboxes can be viewed, by clicking on the respective mailboxes. This displays all the messages in that mailbox in the Message List. The Preview can also be utilized to view the body of the message.

Outlook Express uses dbx files for storage of all email data. The Outlook Express Store Folder contains these dbx files. You can locate your store folder easily in Outlook Express.

A set of Outlook Express dbx files are contained in the "Store Folder". For instance, all messages from the Inbox, are stored in Inbox.dbx respectively. Besides these folders, there is an additional folder which maintains the structure of all data present on Outlook Express. This folder is called Folders.dbx.

Majority of the issues with Outlook Express relate to the oversized dbx files. A dbx file which is large in size, can cause considerable amount of problems for an Outlook Express user. It is therefore suggested, that you take regular backups of all your email data and perform periodic cleaning (using the "compact" option) of all your emails. But it is sometimes not possible to avoid DBX file corruption, leading to loss of data. But Outlook Express email recovery is made easy due to the various data recovery software present in the market today.

REMO Recover Outlook Express is a professional Outlook Express recovery software, which makes use of the in-house developed technology after years of research, which will help you to locate and recover emails even when the archive file is having intensive damages. This Outlook Express recovery software comes with an easy-to-use interface, which simplifies the data recovery process to a great extent. Some of the other key features of the software, can be summarized as follows,

  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0, 5.01, 5.5, 6.0 & Microsoft Outlook Express 4.0.
  • The software recovers the complete email header which provides lot of valuable information.
  • The Outlook Express recovery software lets you view the recovered emails in the Trial Version, and save the recovered emails in the Full version of the software.

Outlook Express recovery Main Window

Shown below, are some of the screenshots of the software,

Select Outlook Express dbx file

Select Outlook Express dbx file

Select destination drive

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