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Outlook Migration

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used e-mail clients around the globe. Every time, a new release of Outlook is released, the users find it a lit irritable to migrate all their Outlook data to the new version, as they end up losing some of their essential data in the process. Hence, Outlook Migration is something, which brings frowns on the faces of many Outlook users.

Why is the Import and Export option not good enough?

Outlook does provide an Import and Export option, which one can use during Outlook Migration, but it has its own drawbacks. The Import and Export option migrates only your pst file from one version of Outlook to another version of Outlook. Since migration of the pst file transfers only your e-mail data, but not your Signatures, Templates, Stationery etc., just migrating the pst file will not do the trick.

To completely migrate all the Outlook pst data from an older version of Outlook to a newer one, or from an old system to a new system, you require a good Outlook Migration software. REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate software lets you migrate all your Outlook data from an older version of Microsoft Outlook to a newer version of Microsoft Outlook, or between two systems.

REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate software not only lets you migrate the Outlook data, but also lets you take complete backup of all your Outlook pst data. This way, you do not end up losing any of your essential data like Signatures, Templates, Stationery, RSS Feeds, Outlook today settings etc. Try it Now!

Steps to migrate Outlook using Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate software.

Follow the simple steps given below, to perform migration of Outlook pst file.

Step 1: Launch the application, by double clicking the desktop shortcut, or by selecting the icon from the Programs list in the Start Menu. The Main window pops up, as shown in Figure a. Select the Migrate button, as shown in the figure.

Step 2: Clicking the Migrate button, opens the Outlook Migration window, as shown in Figure b. You need to select the backup file you want to migrate, by using the Browse button. Enter the password in the security check box (if you have secured your backup file earlier, with a password), and then click on theNext button to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: On clicking the Next button, a new window to select the items to migrate, is displayed, as shown in Figure c. Select the items, you want to migrate, and click the Next button.

Step 4: On clicking the Next button, the software proceeds with the migration process. After completion of the Outlook migration process, the Migration summary is displayed as shown in Figure d

This concludes the whole migration process. Isn’t that easy! So, go ahead and get yourself this cool software.

Note: REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate software only supports migration of Outlook data from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007.

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