How to Repair PST file huge, but empty

Updated on June 23, 2021

Fix Outlook PST file large but has no data issue by compacting the Outlook data file using Compact Now option. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, then repair your Outlook PST file using Remo PST Repair tool. It fixes all issues with your PST files restores all items - emails, contacts, tasks, rules, appointments etc. from corrupt Outlook profile. Download NOW!

Outlook PST file large but empty” Outlook user may have noticed this scenario, where their outlook PST files shows empty even though its size indicates that there are files. “PST files huge but empty” situation commonly happens when the PST files are moved from one location to another. This scenario can also happen when exporting all mailboxes to PST files locally and when they try to load the previous version of the Outlook PST file to the currently running Outlook.

So how do we address the situation? Follow the instructions mentioned in the below section to recover your important mails and other information from an empty Outlook data file

Note - “PST file huge, but showing empty” is more common with older versions of Outlook. Auto Archive in the newer versions is one of the reasons why the .

Auto Archive – Available from Microsoft Outlook 2007 and updated versions, it is a feature in Outlook that moves old mail and other items to a separate personal folder (.pst) file on your computer's hard drive, or a network drive. By default, it will prompt you before archiving items every 14 days and delete expired email messages from your mailbox. But sometimes due to corruption and oversized PST files this feature fails, in such scenarios you will need a PST repair tool to get back the access to Outlook data.

Causes for Outlook PST file large but shows no data?

Below listed the common scenarios users have frequently reported for PST file huge, but empty

  • Deleting files from the PST file
  • PST file corruption

In the section below you will learn the hassle-free methods on how to repair the PST file which is showing empty

How to fix PST file that shows as empty

The section below has two approaches to repair the PST file that is showing as empty.

  • Repair the PST file by Compacting
  • Repair PST File Showing Huge But Empty With Remo PST Repair

Reduce Outlook Data File Size using Compact Now

  • Go to Outlook, right click on Data File from the right hand side of your screen
  • Next, select Data File Properties from pop up menu
  • It will open window named like Outlook Today – [username @ domain name] Properties
  • In that window, click on General tab and below you can see Advanced button
  • Click on Advanced button to open Outlook Data File Setting window
  • Here click on Compact Now button

Now, Outlook PST file will show its original size and doesn’t affect any files already present on it

Repair PST file showing huge but empty with Remo PST repair

In case of Outlook Data File (PST file) corruption, you need to fix it. Remo PST repair comes in handy in such situation. Remo Recover makes a copy of the corrupted PST file and then works on the copy. It retrieves every part of your Calendar, Notification, Reminders, Email and mail body like CC, BCC and etc.

The tool creates a copy and works on the copy of the PST file, thereby not altering the original file.

How Do I Repair PST File That Is Large But Empty

  • Download Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and then install in the system and launch.
  • Click on “Open Default PST File” as it locates the default location of your PST file. In case you know the PST file location, then just go for “Select file manually” option.
  • Here, you need to provide the PST file path manually. Click on “Find all your PST files” if you are not aware of the PST location.
  • Post clicking on either of the option you will get different scanning options of “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan”. Select level of scanning depending upon your requirements and provide the destination path to save repaired PST file.

Once the process gets over, preview all the recovered Outlook Items. With this process all your Outlook folders from the corrupt PST file will be successfully recovered. Now, just import the repaired PST file to access all your items.

What can you do with Remo PST repair tool?

Now, yow will be able to access data from your PST file which was earlier showing error. Remo PST Repair tool also helps to fix Outlook not responding and search indexing problem. The software comes handy to repair PST file even when it is password protected and compressed. Moreover,

  • Helps to repair PST file corrupted due to oversize issue
  • Easily fixes PST file created on various Outlook version, including Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and earlier versions
  • Recovers emails with its attributes like To, subject, cc, attachments
  • The tool Will Fix Corrupt Outlook Data file on various Windows OS verisions - Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista etc.

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