Partition Recovery

  • Renowned tool to recover data lost or deleted from Windows and Mac Partitions
  • Rescues data from deleted, formatted or reformatted partitions or volumes effectively
  • Retrieves data from non-booting Windows partitions or Mac volumes
  • Restores data lost from repartitioned hard drives
  • Simple to use & with built-in advanced algorithm to find and recover lost partitions

Partition Recovery

Are you looking to recover data from an inaccessible partition

If you are stuck in a data loss situation where you have lost all your important data from a partition after unintentionally formatting your hard disk or lost files due to any partition deletion or corruption cases, then in such cases, Remo Recover will come handy in recovering all your lost data efficiently. This software is available for Windows and Mac user, to recover partitions and volumes.

How to recover data from lost partitions in Windows:

Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is the right solution for recovering data from partitions, which are inaccessible, deleted, formatted or are missing. This software guides you through the whole recovery process through an easy-to-use interface. The software starts the recovery process by searching for all partitions types, which are supported on Windows (NTFS, FAT) and performs a scan on the whole hard drive to locate all valid partitions. The data recovery process to recover files from the lost partition begins after searching and selecting the lost or inaccessible partition using Remo Recover (Windows). Once the recovery process is over, the only task left for a user is to select and restore the lost data.

So start your data recovery process now by downloading the software from the link given below.

Key Features of Remo Recover (Windows) - Pro Edition:

  • Searches the entire hard disk for finding lost and missing partitions to select and retrieve data from it.
  • Recovers data even after formatting the partition to a different file system.
  • Partition(s) deleted or lost while repartitioning a hard drive (i.e. re-sizing, removing or adding a partition to the hard drive) can be recovered using this software.
  • Recover data from hidden or inaccessible partitions.
  • Restores data from partition getting corrupt due to partition creation process using native Windows Disk Management tool or with any third party partitioning tool.

How to perform partition recovery on Mac?

If your Mac OS X volume has gone missing, accidentally deleted, corrupt and you are just wondering how to get it back, then Remo Recover for Mac will help you to come out of such data loss scenarios. Data lost from Mac volume under any scenarios can be recovered using this application.

Prime features of Remo Recover (Mac) - Pro edition:

  • This software restores data from lost or deleted Mac volumes with the help of its built-in partition search algorithm.
  • Data lost from formatted or reformatted Mac volumes can also be restored using this software.
  • Data lost due to partitioning error can also be recovered.
  • Recovers deleted Mac volumes from iMac, Mac Book, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro etc.
  • It supports recovery of data from Mac Volumes on both 32bit and 64bit Mac OS X.
  • Supports native file system of Mac OS X i.e. HFS+ and HFSX.
  • Universal Binary application that run effortlessly on Intel or PowerPC based Mac

Why Remo Recover?

Free demo version:  Free demo versions of Remo Recover (Windows) and Remo recover (Mac) are available. Using the trial version you can evaluate the chances of recovery as well as the effectiveness of the software.

Safe and risk free: All Remo products are scanned and packaged after scanning each file using latest version of Anti-virus program.

24 X 7 professional supports: If you have any questions regarding the use or performance of the software, then contact our support team which is available 24 X 7.

Common data loss scenarios where data can be lost from Windows partitions or Mac Volumes:

Human Error: Data can be lost due to some of the most common human blunders like accidental formatting, formatting or re-formatting the partition without taking proper data backup, accidentally converting a partition from dynamic to basic, using the systems restore DVD provided by the laptop or computer vendor etc. Improper shut down of the computer may also result in partition corruption.

Third Party Application: Partition can be damaged or corrupted due to improper modifications by any third party application.

Unexpected conditions: Partitions can be corrupted due to unexpected situations like sudden power surge.

New Information

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Mac Partition Recovery
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Recover Lost Data
Data can be called lost when you are sure you haven't deleted it but it has gone missing. Missing data might be due to power surge, sudden shut down of your laptop, due to removing external devices abruptly, virus attacks, due to formatting or partitioning errors. What ever might be your case, we have a solution for you to get back all your lost data, read more details on this page.

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Safe and Secure
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System Requirements

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008

RAM – 1 GB RAM (Recommended, 2 GB RAM)

Free disk space - 50 MB (for installation)

Log in to the system as Local System Administrator and install the software.

Supports 32-bit, 64-bit Windows OS