Getting Back Data from Deleted Partition of Dell Inspiron 660s Desktop

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You want to delete a partition to create more empty space on your new Inspiron 660s Desktop hard drive. You know you ought to take a backup, but you do not because the partition has no important files. Deletion over, you realize your mistake! One .txt file in the partition had your online password. Now that it is gone, you will not get access to online banking. What next? Do you have to approach the bank for a new password all over again? Stop biting your nails. You may have lost the wrong partition, but you have not lost all the important .txt file of yours. This is because you can recover your partition along with your data. Your partition has not gone anywhere. It is still there in your hard drive. Data recovery software can help you recover your partition from hard drive and restore it.

Not being able to view your data in your new Inspiron 660s Dell Desktop computer can be a shocking experience. This slim desktop, has a compact CPU built to give high performance. Built with second gen Intel Core i3-2120 (3.30GHz, 1333, 3MB, 2C) the desktop provides good connectivity. As it has two USB 3.0 and six USB 2.0 ports, it can be connected to MP3 players, printers, cameras and other peripherals. It has attractive capability of storing music, photos, videos, movies and more files with up to 1000GB SATA hard drive (7200RPM). Apart from these exclusive features, it has many other attractive features.

Data can be recovered from your deleted partition by retrieving the partition first. Install Remo Recover (Windows or Mac) Pro Edition. Run the software. Opt for Recover Partitions / Drives. Then select Partition Recovery. Check the box to select the hard drive. Click next to start the scanning process. You will get your partition soon. Then you can recover all your data which you desperately needed by scanning the partition. Once you get the preview of recovered files, you can select the .txt file which you wanted to retrieve and save it at a desired location.


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