Remo Partition Recovery Tool

Windows 7 Partition Data Recovery Software

Restore deleted, lost or damaged partition from Windows 7 using Remo Recover!! Data from RAW or corrupted partitions will be recovered easily in few steps!!

Partitioning Windows 7 hard drive is a common process which is done to enhance the system’s performance, for easy management of files, and so on. However, if partitioning / repartitioning of the drive is not carried out properly, then you could be in a very bad situation. Your partition may get deleted by mistake, damaged, or become inaccessible. When this happens, all the data that is stored on the partition is lost.

Well, there are many other causes for partition loss –

  • Partition table damage or file system corruption
  • MBR corruption
  • While reinstalling Windows 7 operating system, you might accidentally delete an important partition
  • While formatting a partition, any interruption in between could corrupt the partition
  • Using unreliable third-party tools to create or resize Windows 7 partition
  • Registry issues, device driver conflicts, etc.

When a partition gets deleted or lost from Windows 7 system, does it mean that it is lost permanently? No, although the partition is invisible, it still resides on the hard drive itself. Thus, by making use of Remo Partition Recovery software, you can restore Windows 7 partition. Also, this tool fights data loss scenarios the best with its deep scanning algorithm thus, Windows 7 data recovery is quick and easy as long as the lost or deleted files are not overwritten.

Remo Recover to Restore Partition from Windows 7 system:

Remo Partition Recovery tool scans the entire hard disk drive and retrieves deleted or lost partition from Windows 7 system quickly. This user-friendly software will guide you throughout the recovery process. The application helps to recover data from RAW partition, formatted, corrupted or inaccessible partition with ease. Even when Windows 7 partition has been formatted to a different file system, make use of Remo Recover to restore it efficiently.

When partitions are lost while repartitioning Windows hard drive, you can retrieve them with help from this Win 7 Recovery tool. Whether it’s FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 or exFAT partition, Remo Recover gets back the partitions securely. Further more, the utility is also capable of restoring data from NTFS drive with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute.

Tutorial to Retrieve Windows 7 Partition:

  • Download and install Remo Recover (Windows) software on your system
  • Launch the application. On the first screen, you will find 3 options – Recover Files, Recover Photos and Recover Drives. Select Recover Drives option from it.
  • In the following screen, select Partition Recovery or Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option depending on the data loss scenario
  • From the list of drives displayed, select the drive from which partition has to be recovered and click Next
  • Select the appropriate partition from the list of found partitions
  • After scanning is completed, you can preview the recovered files and save required ones on a preferred location

Do not think that only partition and its data can be recovered by this tool. Remo Recover (Windows) also works as HDD Recovery tool to restore data when the drive is corrupted, crashed, unbootable or dead. Entire files from the hard disk drive will be retrieved safely in few minutes. Moreover, the program also provides an easy solution to recover data from external hard drive after formatting, repartitioning, etc, without any problem.

Supported Windows OS versions – Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, and so on.

Few Safety measures which you can follow:

  • Backup important data before carrying out operations like repartitioning, resizing or formatting of partitions
  • Do not add new files to Windows 7 drive after partition loss
  • Don’t use unreliable applications to create, merge or resize Windows partitions

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