How to Protect Files with Password?

Today, computers are widely used to store a large amount of data for different purpose. Besides our favorite music or video files, we also store different types of private information in our computer for security purpose. You can store bank statements, diaries, photos, confidential office work in your computer. If your computer has single user account used by not only you, your information on system is not completely secured from others. If you want to prevent any unauthorized access to your private information, you have to make it password protected. Unauthorized user cannot view any information from that password protect file by only clicking on it. To lock your personal folder using a password, you need a third party software such as Remo MORE. This prominent application will provide you complete protection over data, files and folders on different drives.

You can prevent illegal access to your confidential files by hiding them through the option available in operating system. There are simple steps to hide any files on your computer as:

  • Right click on the file that you want to hide and select ‘Hidden’ checkbox & click on ‘OK’.
  • Now, click on ‘Start’ button and go to Control Panel. After that, click on ‘Folder Option’ and shift to the next tab ‘View’.
  • Here, you will get two option with radio button in ‘Hidden files and folder’. Select ‘Don't Show hidden files, folder and drives’ option and click on ‘OK’.

After that, you cannot see that file you have hidden. Since it is a well-known process to all, it is not a proper way to protect a file from unauthorized access. Even, it also become odd if you hide a folder for first time. To get rid of this problem, you should apply a unique password to your private file. Remo MORE software will allow you to set password to a file and folder very easily. This application is very easy to use and keeps two services running without giving any impact on computer performance. It is totally password driven, therefore, there is no possibility to lose files as with Windows Bit locker. You must need a master password to administrate it when you are going to use it and also at the time of removing from computer.

This Remo MORE software will offer awesome features to password protect file on computer. Using this application you can not only restrict contents of a folder but also protect individual information in that folder. You can protect different files with different password in your computer. If you need to remove those password from file, it will be equally helpful. Besides protection of your private file, you can also employ this utility to manage important information and different drives by defragging it. If you face any problem with your slow computer, just use this tool once. It will remove all temporary files, duplicate data, eliminate junk data, registry errors, and clean up free space to improve system performance. It will enhance startup speed of computer through simple clicks.

Steps to Delete Duplicate Files:

  1. At first, download & install this prominent application on your personal computer. Now, launch it and select "Manage" option from home screen as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Now, select "File Manager" option as shown in Figure 2.
  3. On the next window click on "File Protector" option as shown in Figure 3.
  4. Later select "File/Folder Locker" option to lock file with password as shown in Figure 4.
  5. Set the password that you wish to lock a file as shown in Figure 5.
  6. Locate the file which you wish to lock by using “Add Files” option and click “Lock” option to lock a file with password as shown in Figure 6.
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Safe and Secure
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