Software to protect folders with password in Win 8

Microsoft Corporation is persistently growing and Windows 8 is its latest release. This operating system was primarily focused towards enhancing users performance on portable electronic gadgets such as Smart phones, Tablets etc. Nowadays, Win 8 is widely used as it provides its users many advanced data security features like refresh, file history, reset etc using which one can take frequent and secure backup of his important data automatically.

But, even after providing such improved security features; People still feel that folders on their Windows 8 are not fully safe and secured. For instance, consider you share your Win 8 computer with a colleague of yours and you are in a constant fear that he / she might sneak into your account and access your confidential folders. Now the question arises how to protect important files. If you are a user with such question, don’t worry! You can password protect folders in Windows 8 by following few easy methods. This document provides you all the necessary instructions on protecting your important folders.

1)Assigning Password using inbuilt utility:

Like all Windows operating system, even Windows 8 provides its users an inbuilt utility called WinZip, through which you can assign password to folders. Follow the below guide to assign password using this method:

  • Simply right click on the location where your important folders are stored, select new and then click “Compressed (zipped) folder”, this makes new compressed file with extension .zip
  • Drag and drop all your important folders into that new .zip file and rename the same
  • Finally, open the WinZip file and click “File” and use “Add a Password” option to assign password protection to your important folders

This method is very easy and simple, however the main disadvantage of using this method is that sometimes the folders present in the ZIP file easily gets damaged and corrupt. After which no one (including you) can access the contents of the password assigned WinZip file.

2)Change your Win 8 user account to administrator:

This method would be very helpful for users with multiple user accounts, changing your Windows 8 account to “Administrator” enables you to block and protect your important folders, such that no other user can access or open your important folders. And whenever a user tries to access your folder it asks for your administrator password.

Disadvantage: Nevertheless, even this method has its flaws and limitations. Sometimes you won’t be able to change your Win 8 account to Administrator (or) if the system already has an administrator account then you won’t be able to make your account as admin.

3)Using third party software:

This method can be considered as the best way to assign password protection to folders on your Windows 8 computer. Reliable third party tool such as “Remo MORE” allows you to easily achieve password protection to your important folders in Windows 8. The application ensures no other users (except you) can access your important folders. More to this the tool provides high level of data security and is very economical compared to other utilities. Furthermore, the tool is compatible to run on desktops and laptops with operating systems such as Win 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Simple steps to password protect folders in Win 8:

Step1: Download Remo MORE app on your Window 8 based computer and install the same, select “Manage” option form the main window as shown in Figure1.

Step2: Select “File Manager” option from the second window as shown in Figure2.

Step3: After this, choose “File Protector” option from the third window as shown in Figure3.

Step4: On fifth screen you will get two options one is “Private Locker” and another one is “File/Folder Locker”. Click on “File/Folder Locker” option to password protect a folder as shown in Figure4.

Step5: From the next window, select the folder which you want to lock and click on ”Lock” button as shown in Figure5.

Step6: Now the software starts locking your folders, you can view the file locking process by progress window as shown in Figure6.

Step7: Within few minutes you will receive a success message that your folder is locked successfully as shown in Figure7.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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