How to lock photos in Mac with password?

It is said that a picture tells more than words. Photos are really a best way to preserve sweet memory of past. Thus it is necessary to preserve them on your computer so that nobody can delete it or destroy. Losing memorable moment’s photo is really a painful event. If you have collection of photos on your Mac computer and you want to secure those valuable images, then protecting image folder with password is the best way to do so. No unauthorized person can access your personal and precious images from locked folder. There are many reasons why you should protect your photos on mac.

The first and main reason to protect your photos with password on Mac is to prevent its unauthorized access. Suppose you have a large collection of photos on your Mac computer and your computer is shared by many people, then chances are quite high that others can access your photos. Thus to keep stay away from such type of problem, it is better to protect your photos with password so that only you can access it on your Mac computer.

It might be a case that your Mac computer is shared with your family members. In such situation if you have some personal photos, which you do not want to share with other member of your family, then you can lock your image folder with password to achieve privacy. Protecting photos with password is a simple and easy way to achieve security and privacy of your beloved photos.

When you protect your folder with password then it cannot be accessed unless you provide right password to it. However, you can hide your image folder by using Mac inbuilt feature but this is not a right way to protect photos on Mac. Thus to provide a reliable protection to your photos on Mac you should use a sophisticated tool which can lock your folder with password. When you Google out such type of tool then you will be served with plethora of suggestion about tool which claims to protect your photos on Mac, but, fails to do so and one can easily break the password with guess.

Remo MORE is a unique tool which is developed with a reliable algorithm which offers a complex level security. This tool works perfectly fine on all latest version of Mac OS X based machines in an effective way. It is result of hard work of top quality software engineers. It is famous around the globe among the users. Its highly attractive user interface gives it a special identity to its popularity. You can use this tool to lock not only photos on your Mac computer but can also be used to lock different type of files with password. It comes absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from internet within a fraction of second. If you want to protect your photos on Mac then make use of Remo MORE for a satisfactory and reliable performance.

How to use Remo MORE for protecting photos with password on Mac:

Step 1: Download and install the Remo MORE software and launch it. Select "Manage” option form the main screen. In order to proceed you have to select "File Manager" from the given lists of options from next screen shot as shown in Figure 1.

Step 2: Once you choose file manager option the next screen will appear, from this screen select “File Protector” option as shown in Figure 2. Then next window will ask for a master password set a master password here and click on OK .

Step 3: Select “File/Folder Locker” to lock your image folder with a password from this screen as shown in Figure 3.

Step 4: From this screen select the location of the image folder which you want to protect with password by using the “Add Folders” option and click on “Lock” option to lock particular folder as shown in Figure 4.

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