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Easy Solution to Clean PC

  • Your computer hangs frequently
  • It has slowed down off late
  • A single file transfer process takes a long time

If you come across any or all such problems with your PC, then it means it is time to clean your PC. Your computer gets slower with usage. This happens due to the accumulation of junk files, temp files, cookies, cache and temporary internet files, application paths, and so on. These files have to be cleaned, which frees up space, and eventually improves the performance of the computer.

Is there a way to clean PC efficiently?

Well yes, Remo Optimizer tool helps to clean up your computer, and in turn makes it run faster. The software scans your PC, identifies the problems, and fixes the issues to make your PC cleaner and faster. The program cleans your computer by removing junk files, temporary files, and so on. By this, the unused hard disk space is freed up, and the available memory is increased, thus improving PC speed.

Remo Optimizer to Clean PC and Make it Faster –

Improves PC performance: Lots of junk files get accumulated on your PC as it gets older. Remo Optimizer removes the junk files which uses the hard disk space and eventually makes it slow. Thus, the tool makes the PC run faster.

Disk clean up: Remo Optimizer deletes temporary files which gets created when system shuts down regularly, or during installation of programs, when programs are running, etc. It deletes such temporary files and cache files which are no longer needed, so that you can free up space on your disk.

Fast Start up: Many programs that you install will load when your Windows Starts booting and causes slow booting of PC. Remo Optimizer allows you to disable the unwanted start up programs in simple clicks, and helps increase the PC boot up time.

Uninstall unwanted apps: Remo Optimizer tool helps to remove unwanted applications which occupy memory space.

Guide to Clean Up your PC –

  • The first step is to download Remo Optimizer software on your computer
  • Next, double click on the downloaded file (remo-optimizer.exe)
  • Now run the software; on the main screen you would find 5 options – Select System Scan option
  • The application starts scanning and displays the issues present in certain areas, including the number of junk files which has to be cleaned as shown in Figure 1
  • Now select the items which has to be removed and hit on Continue to fix the issues Figure 2
  • In the next screen, Select issues to be fixed and click on Fix Issues button to remove unwanted files Figure 3
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