Permanently Delete Files

I am trying to sell my PC but it has some important files like office program modules and some legal documents. What is the easy way to erase them permanently?

I need a file erasing software to delete all my confidential files forever from my external SSD storage drive?

Security of data is very important now days in the technically blue printed global village. There are several maliciously minded people who use your most sensitive data for making capital without effort. The confidential data can be your personal bank account details or your most significant documents in your HDD or SSD. Within few clicks deleting or formatting them completely cannot be a complete resolve for this issue.

As the confidential files still reside in some part of the hard drive. To solve this only a perfect data wiper software like Remo File Eraser can solve this crisis and deletes all the confidential files forever. In overall this tool Remo File Eraser restructures the internal memory in the hard drive and replaces the data fields with random junk values in the hash tables. So that the confidential files are deleted permanently and lost forever.

What is the use of erasing?

Permanent deletion of files is very important because, consider that you are up to sell your old computer for update or a new one. If you are stubborn and never want others to take over your private information in it, then it is mandatory to delete all the files before disposing your old hard drives. Here the deleted data in your PC hard drive can be recovered easily using file recovery software that are available in the internet. In order to defend the deleted files and other available confidential files you need file erasing software.

Features of Remo File Eraser:

  • Remo File Eraser is comfortable and easy to use utility, that can save your important files from exploitation.
  • This legitimate application can be used frequently to clean files and keep your confidential data safe and sound from the mischievous people forever.
  • It can also erase files from external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, flash drives, fire wire drives etc.
  • The Microsoft Windows users having Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems are amazed by it works on desktops HDD and laptop SSD’s.

The essential steps involved in the process for permanently deleting files are.

  • Download the software from here and install it in your Windows PC.
  • In the main window select "Erase Files / Folders" option to proceed further.
  • In the next upcoming window choose the files and folders which you want to erase and click on "Add Files" and then click on "Erase".
  • Then select the shredding pattern from the list and then click on proceed button to start the operation.


  • In demo version you can use only the low level file erasing standards for deleting your files permanently. To unlock the remaining standards and to use them you have to purchase the full version of the toolkit.
  • After file erasing process, data recovery is no longer possible. So it better to have a backup of your most needed information.

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