Best App to delete files permanently from Android phone

Android is a mobile phone Operating System used in variety of Smartphones. Android phones are currently used by many users all over the world. All Android mobile phones have many advanced features that give the phone added functionality. Apart from calling and text messaging service, Android phones comes with a variety of applications and web based services. Android phones are used for multiple purposes such as browsing internet, storing important information and also it stores the complete call history. Since Android phone contains all such private information, sometimes you need to delete files permanently from the phone, to protect your privacy. In order to permanently delete files Android phone, one can make use of Remo MORE software.

By using Remo MORE software, you can make sure the deleted files cannot be recovered by any means. This is a simple but powerful tool that uses three different methods to delete files beyond recovery. It allows you to select any one file wiping method from the list containing Fast Zero Write, Random Write and DOD 5220.22.M. It can delete files and overwrite the space with 0’s or random characters to make the files completely irrecoverable. To delete files permanently what you all need to do is just select files/folders and wiping methods, then the software can automatically remove selected files within a matter of minutes.

Why you need software to delete files permanently?

When you delete files using normal method, it just opens up the storage space to be overwritten by new data. You may think these files are gone forever but they can still be recovered until that space is overwritten. If you have sensitive information on your Android phone and you want to make sure the deleted files are not recoverable before selling your phone, then you can use Remo MORE software. It is a free App available for all Android phones to remove files completely beyond recovery.

Sometimes you may want to sell your Samsung, HTC, Sony or any other Smartphone. In such instances, it is very necessary to delete all sensitive files securely from the phone so that no one could recover them using any third party software. Deleting files permanently from Android phone is a simple task but there must be an App like Remo MORE software. It is promising, guaranteed and nifty software that claims to securely remove all files on Android. This software is designed with an inbuilt algorithm that destroys the files from any Android phone. Thus the Remo MORE software is a complete solution to people who wants to make sure secure deletion of files from their Android phones.

The Remo MORE software can be used to permanently delete photos from Android along with videos, audio, text messages, etc. It is compatible with almost all file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WAV, etc. You can easily download and install this software for free. It is easy to operate even for the average users.

Simple steps to shred files from Android phone:

Step 1: Perform a simple installation and select "Enhance" option as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Now select "File Eraser" option from the next screen as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Select the files from the list and click on "Erase" option as illustrated in Figure 3

Step 4: Further, select the type of shredding pattern and click "OK". You will get a message that files are erased sucessfully as given in Figure 4

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