Delete photos from Android device permanently

Do you want to permanently delete photos from your Android Smartphone? Are you in search of software to erase your pictures permanently? Well here is a perfect solution in the form of an advanced software. Many Android cell phone users capture and store many of their personal photo files on their Android device and think that the photos stored on them are 100% secure, however it is not true! Your precious photos may get misused due to problems like data theft or data breaching. Hence to overcome such problems, you can take the help of third party apps to permanently delete photos from android.

Can deleted or formatted photos be recovered?

You must be thinking, why do I need to use a third party app to permanently delete photos, where I can directly format (or) reset my android cell phone? The answer to your question is simple, formatting or restoring photos from android phone doesn’t permanently delete photos. That is at some point or the other those formatted photos can be restored back using third party recovery software’s

Why to permanently delete photos from Android?

You need to do so if you are planning to sell your Android cell phone or the SD card which had your important photos because there are chances of recovering the photos from your Android phone using recovery software as said before and if your personal photos fall into the wrong hands, then it leads to many hardships. Hence permanently deleting photos becomes very necessary

Which Android utility to use?

Remo More is a finest android program designed to erase photos from your android phone permanently. The tool guarantees that none of your photos present on your Android phone can be recovered back. The software ensures 100% data wiping such that your precious photos don’t get misused when you sell or dispose your Android cell phone. In addition to this the software overwrites the space occupied by the erased photos with some junk values thereby ensures no recovery is possible at any cost.

Characteristics of the software:

  • This software works with all brands of Android phones like Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, HTC etc
  • Make use of advanced shredding pattern to remove your sensitive photos beyond recovery
  • Helps in making free space on your Android cell phone
  • Designed with easy to use interface such that even a amateur user can permanently remove Android Apps, unwanted photos, and other files from Android phones, and thereby increase it's performance

Note: Once the photos are deleted using this application, no recovery software will be able to recover your photos back. Hence it is recommended to first backup all your important photo files before using the utility

How to delete photos from Android permanently?

  1. As soon as you run this software on your Android phone the main window will pop up from which you need to select the option of "Enhance" as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Then you need to choose the option of "File Eraser" from the next screen as indicated in Figure 2.
  3. Once you select this option a window will open up in which you need to select the files to be deleted. Select the photos and click on Erase button as shown in Figure 3. Once you do this you will be taken to a window where you will find the wiping method. Select the method and click ok to begin the wiping process.
  4. Once the process gets completed you will get a confirmation message as shown in Figure 4.

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