Permanently Delete Photos from Memory Card

Memory cards have become one of the most preferred storage media for many devices like mobile phone, digital camera, iPod and many more. Memory cards comes in great variety of size capacities and dimensions due to which it is considered as the best portable storage device when compared to others. However one major problem which is associated with the memory card is that it can be easily misplaced due to its small size, and this misplaced memory card’s data can be easily accessed and misused by the miscreants.

Now consider that you want to sell the memory card, so before lending to the buyer you thought of deleting your important data from the memory card. But just deletion or formatting the memory card is not sufficient because the deleted or formatted data can be easily recovered by making use of advanced data recovery tool. So what can be done to avoid this kind of situation? Thus before selling or lending the memory card make sure that you shred confidential documents, pictures, video files, audio files and other important data from the card.

What is the need of shredding (or wiping) the data?

Whenever any data is deleted or formatted from the memory card it does not get immediately removed from the card instead it reside on the memory card till it gets overwritten by the new data. So this residing data can pave the way for data recovery for the miscreants and put you in critical situation. However by shredding or wiping the data you can permanently delete the data such as photos, audio files, video files, documents and much more. Moreover, once the data is wiped using suitable tool then it makes the recovery of the data impossible. Thus one such reliable application which can permanently wipe all the data from the memory card is Remo File Eraser. This application completely removes all sensitive pictures and other data from your memory card, this is accomplished by overwriting the data with various standard shredding patterns.

Eminent features of Remo File Eraser

  • By using this renowned application you can effortlessly wipe all your pictures and other data from the memory card within minutes
  • It makes use of nine different sanitization standard for wiping all your data, depending on the confidentiality you can select any of the sanitization standard for wiping your critical data
  • Apart from memory card you can wipe data on hard drive, thus using this application you can completely erase partition data from either internal or external hard drive
  • Make you lot easier in utilizing the software because of the user friendly interface which can be easily understood by any novice user
  • This well-known application can be utilized for both personal and as well as professional use
  • Supports all major version of Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008
  • Free from virus and other malicious programs, in addition it consumes very less space for getting installed in your computer

Steps to use Remo File Eraser

  • Download and install Remo File Eraser on a clean computer
  • Attach the memory card to the computer where you have installed the program
  • Launch the program and click on Erase Files/Folder option next add photos files to erase them permanently
  • In next screen select any one of the sanitization process which is as shown in, and then click on Proceed option
  • As soon as you click on the Proceed option, wipe process will begin
  • Wait for the process to complete successfully, and if you want to perform any other important work then you can make use of Pause option which can halt the process temporarily

Why Choose Remo?