Erase pictures permanently from Android phone?

Pictures that you have deleted from your Android phone are not removed permanently. Actual reason is that after deletion of any file, it does not get erased completely from memory locations. There are so many file recovery tools are available on internet that works very well in recovering deleted files from Android device. If anybody is intended in treasuring what you kept on your Android phone or what kind of pictures you have deleted before giving that device, he can know everything in just few clicks with such file recovery tools. Therefore, if you do not want others to see your personal pictures or have any doubt about violation against your privacy, you should remove pictures permanently from Android. It is the best and only option to protect your personal snaps from others.

  • If you want to delete a picture from you Android device, you might use to follow these steps:
  • First, go to the home screen of your Android phone
  • Now go to the Gallery folder or any other location where picture is saved
  • Select picture and tap on Options
  • From Options, tap on Delete option to delete picture.

Apart from this, unknowingly, user may reset the device specially when selling that device. Using this option, user can delete all user defined settings, applications and files saved on internal memory. Similarly, format option is often used by users to erase all files from SD card that is also not a perfect option to remove pictures and other information completely.

Deleting pictures or other files generally just opens up storage space that is acquired by those files for overwriting. Therefore you must ensure that deleted pictures are not recoverable. For this reason, the storage location where deleted picture was present should be overwritten by other information. So, if you want to do it manually then format memory location and fill it with unnecessary data. Then again format memory and do the same repeatedly. However, this technique will help you in complete erasure of picture or any other confidential info but undoubtly it’s a lengthy process.

Remo MORE, the best solution to delete picture permanently from Android!

To confirm secure deletion of pictures from Android, users are suggested to employ Remo MORE application. It is the best bet to permanently delete pictures from Android smartphones and tablets. It comes with powerful File Eraser option to erase pictures permanently from Android devices of all popular brands such as HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Micromax etc. Software performs permanent erasure of files from Android phone’s internal memory and from external memory by overwriting memory locations. It is an easy to use application that can be utilized for secure removal of files on Android without much technical knowledge.

Steps to erase pictures permanently on Android phone:

Step 1: Launch this app on your Android phone and select “Enhance” option from the main screen as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: From the next screen select “File Eraser” option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: On the next screen, select the files you want to delete and then select erase option as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: Select the type of shredding pattern and wait for a while. The files get erased completely as shown in Figure 4

Why Choose Remo?