Recover Pictures from OS X Mavericks

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"I have Mac operating system and will utilize it for all my work related tasks. Recently, got to know about its recent version i.e. Mavericks comprising more advanced features when compared to older version. So updated my OS to Mavericks and was happy that everything was working fine. But, I was not able to find some of my important folders. However, one of those vital folders contained memorable pictures of my childhood and college days. I have not taken any backup of those pics, I just need them back. Can I recover those photos from Mavericks?"

Photos are one of the best mode that can be utilized to preserve our memorable moments alive for longer duration due to which it is very precious. After encountering such scenarios, do not conclude that photos lost during up-gradation are lost forever. As those pictures will still be available on your system until they are overwritten by new files but cannot be accessed or will not be visible at all. The best solution to overcome situations is to go for best recovery tool like Remo Recover (Mac) that can effectively perform photo recovery from Mavericks.

Mac is one of the emerging operating system developed by Apple Inc. Mavericks is one of the Mac OS X version with advanced technologies, enhanced power optimization, improved applications like multiple displays, calendar and so on. Installing Mac Mavericks on your system you might find many cutting edge applications, features and many more. Nevertheless, even Mavericks is prone to loss/deletion due to unpredicted scenarios. Let us discuss some of the scenarios responsible for photo loss/deletion from Mavericks system:

  • Accidental Deletion : This has become common reason for photo deletion from Mavericks systems. While sharing pictures from system to other external device connected to it, you might click on delete option instead of send to or while deleting older / undesired images you might select essential ones along with them.
  • Improper Transfer Process : During the time of sending pictures from Mavericks to external storage device or vice versa, if the process gets interrupted due to sudden ejection of external device, power loss etc. then it leads to photo loss.
  • File System Corruption : File system is a structure that maintains all the files including photos of Mavericks system in an organized manner. When it gets corrupted due to software clashes, hardware conflicts etc. then photo files present in it will become inaccessible

As discussed above, the best solution is to install reliable tool called Remo Recover (Mac) on your Mavericks system. Even when you have lost pictures due to loss or missing Mac Volumes, the tool first restores lost Mac partition and then extracts your picture files or any other type of files from the restored partition utmost ease. However, the deleted / lost photos should not be overwritten unless and until recovery process is performed. This is because, new data might occupy the space of your deleted / lost images making the recovery process difficult and sometimes impossible. Thus, as and when you realize that the photos are lost on Mavericks, stop using your Mac to increase the chances of recovery.

Precautionary Tips to prevent photo loss/deletion

  • Have backup of files before operating system up-gradation
  • Do not upgrade operating system without proper knowledge
  • The space occupied by lost/deleted file should not be overwritten
  • Avoid installing untrusted third party applications on your Mavericks system

More about Remo Recover (Mac)

Remo Recover (Mac) is one of the reliable, robust and safe recovery tool that can be utilized for recovering pictures from Mac Mavericks. It is read only software that will not modify any original content during scanning process instead just extracts the picutres and saves them in separate file. This software consists of strong scanning algorithms that can rigorously scan the Mavericks hard drive to restore photos at the earliest. Even when you have formatted the Mavericks drive, the tool can easily recover files from formatted Mac machines easily. Moreover, since the software is digitally signed, it is completely free from all types of viruses like Trojan, Spyware. Demo version can be downloaded from internet to check the efficiency of software before purchasing it.

Additional features of software..

  • Recover deleted photos that are removed from Trash
  • It can identify popular audio, video, photo, RAW photo format based on their unique signatures
  • Requires minimal disk space for installation process
  • It has the ability to restore RAW images and other image formats like JPEG, TIFF, TIF, CRW, GIF, PSD and so on
  • Provides a feature called Find, using which required data can be located from huge data list
  • Facilitates a feature called Save Recovery Session to save the recovered session to prevent rescanning of drive later, thus saving time
  • Recovered files can be previewed in advance before storing them on particular destination
  • Supports different file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS X / HFS +, ExFAT and so on

To know complete steps of recovery watch the below given video

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