Recover photos from your Mac OS X

"Lost your favorite photos from your Mac OS X? Just calm down! It's not an uncommon issue. If you have the backup copy on your Time Machines, just restore your photos from it! You don't have the backup copy! Then, you have lost your photos from your Mac OS X permanently and you can never get them back". This is what people say when you lose your photos and seek help from them. But, don't worry and thats not true! Your photos still reside on your Mac machines and can easily get them back. Luckily, you have Remo Recover tool which can perform photo recovery with in few minutes and can easily restore photos.

What makes Remo Recover Mac the best?

  • Helps to recovers deleted photos, audio and video files from Mac Volumes or other external drives
  • Uses powerful built-in scanning algorithms to scan the drive and restore your deleted photos
  • Identifies and recovers images, audio and video file formats based on their unique signatures
  • Recover photos from Mac Volumes that are inaccessible or which fails to mount
  • Allows you to view the recovered files in a Mac finder styled interface
  • The two different view types offers, quick selection of files from the recoverable files list
  • Universal Binary application as it supports both Intel and PowerPC Mac platforms

Factors that led to loss of photos from Mac OS X machines

Accidental deletion: Photos may get deleted by pressing "Delete All" button in the digital camera itself or while trying to delete unwanted photos and accidentally deleted others in the camera or in the computer.

Formatting: Photos are lost either due to accidental formatting of the drive or you need to format it after getting Disk Initialization error.

Improper operation / Mishandling: Photos can go missing when you switch off the camera abruptly during file transfer process or by using the same memory card in different digital cameras or pulling out the memory card while image processing is going on.

Photos lost due to various other reasons: Virus attack, sudden power failure, capturing photos when camera is low on battery etc, are some the reasons that leads to loss of media files.

How to recover deleted photos from Mac?

Step 1: Connect your memory card using the card reader or connect the digital camera directly to the Mac

Step 2: Then download the trial version of Remo recover Mac software and install it on your Mac OS X

Step 3: Once you launch the application, the main screen of Remo Recover will appear like the one shown here Figure 1.

Step 4: Now select the "Recover Photos" option from the main screen, as indicated in Figure 2.

Step 5: : A next window will appear with "Recover Deleted Photos" and "Recover Lost Photos" options,as illustrated in Figure 3.

Step 6: Choose "Recover Lost Photos" option, after which you will receive a window showing all the logical Volumes along with the connected memory card as a drive, which is shown in.Figure 4. Select drive showing memory card as the connected drive and click "Next".

Step 7:Remo recover has a special option to select only the required type of file and recover only those file types. You can make use of this option if you need only a particular type of file or else select "Mark All" option as shown in Figure 5 and click on "Next" to start the scanning process.

Step 8: View the recovered photos with the help of "Preview" option.

Step 9: Save the scanned information by using "Save Recovery Session" option, as it will avoid re-scanning of the drive again, refer Figure 6.

Step 10: Purchase the software, if you are content with the recovery results and activate it to continue the saving process by using "Open Recovery Session" option, according to Figure 7 .

Additional Information: Sometimes, your Word document, PPT file, RAR file, etc, will get corrupted due to various reasons. Under all such situations Remo Repair software helps to fix damaged files with ease.


  • Avoid saving new photos to the same memory card from which you lost or deleted your photos which avoids overwriting.
  • Do not save the recovered photos on the same memory card from which you are recovering.

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