Photoshop Error 16 Fix

“Recently, I encountered error 16 when I tried to access Adobe Photoshop and from then I am continuously getting this error due to which I am very much distressed. The application was running fine previously but I am not sure what went wrong, but after this error my PSD file has become corrupted. I need those files at any cost. Can anyone tell me what might be the reason behind the error message and most importantly I want to know the exact solution to solve the issue?”

The error 16 is one of the most commonly encountered error messages associated with Adobe Photoshop application. Occurrence of such error may not let you access your Photoshop application making you frustrated! Error 16 is actually a sign indicating PSD file corruption! However, there is no need to worry about your corrupt PSD files as it can be easily repaired by making use of Remo Repair PSD tool, this tool is one of the best applications which can easily fix Photoshop error 16.

Reasons behind Photoshop error 16

  • When Adobe Photoshop installation is improperly performed then this kind of error occurs
  • If the registry of Photoshop application is corrupted then you may come across error 16
  • As Photoshop utility is equipped with advanced features due to which most of the users especially the novice users may improperly handle the utility which can at times result in error 16
  • If the application does not meet the minimum requirement or if the program is incompatible with the computer configuration then there are chances that you may get the error
  • It happens when any important files related to application go missing (i.e. DLL File) there are chances that you may get the error

These are some of the reasons due to which you may encounter error 16 on Adobe Photoshop but sometimes it is observed that users will be successful in fixing the issue by reinstall ing the Photoshop or by any other method, but what about the PSD files that are corrupt due to error 16? Don't worry; in such situations you can utilize Remo Photoshop File Repair Tool which is a handy app to fix these kind of errors on Photoshop. Apart from this, if you encounter a photoshop file corrupted while editing due to, abrupt termination of photoshop utility or imperfect upgradation of the application. Remember, that fixing corrupt photoshop files made easy irrespective, of the reason for the photoshop file corruption.

Helpful guidelines

  • Virus infection to your drive can corrupt the application usability, thus if you want to stay away from virus infection then you have to make use of a good anti-virus program which can evade harmful viruses
  • Abrupt termination of application due to software conflicts or by sudden shutdown of computer because of power failure can corrupt your PSD fiel so avoid such instances by having proper UPS backup and

Unique characteristics of Remo Repair PSD program

  • This application is so simple to use that even a novice user can easily accomplish the task with just few clicks
  • Apart from repairing PSD files this powerful tool has the ability to fix PDD image files that are corrupt due to error 16
  • Capable to repair Photoshop error 6 and other kinds of Photoshop errors
  • Can be easily installed on both major versions of Windows and Mac operating system
  • Allows you to have a free preview on the repaired files

Simple steps to fix error 16

  • Download and install the demo version of Remo Repair PSD application
  • Launch the app and from the main screen click on “Browse” button to select corrupted PSD / PDD file; then click on “Repair” button
  • Wait for the repair process to get completed and after completion of repair process you can preview the repaired files using “Preview” option
  • If you are convinced with the repair process then purchase the license version of this application to store the repaired data
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Safe and Secure
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