How to Restore Portable Hard Disk Files

Get your precious files back from portable hard drive quickly with Remo Recover!! Recover data from formatted, corrupted or RAW Seagate, Maxtor, WD, Hitachi, Transcend or other portable drives (SATA, SCSI, IDE, and SSD etc.) without any difficulties!

Portable hard drives have become so popular as the internal hard drives of computers are unable to keep up with the increasing need for storage space. These portable hard drives are also used to backup important data. Although the safety of your information is not certain with any hard drive, there are always cases of data loss with har drives.Regain all your deleted data with Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software, its easy to use and a powerful tool.

Factors Resulting in Data Loss from Portable Hard Drive

When you connect a portable hard disk to a system, sometimes it does not recognize the drive or can pop up an error message asking you to format. In such cases, files in the drive cannot be accessed or they even can get erased. It does not mean that your files are lost forever, Remo Hard Drive Recovery software helps you to retrieve portable hard disk data easily . This tool provides effective solution to recover all your files from the drive very quickly.

Here are some of the most common reasons for data deletion in external hard drives:

  • Accidental Deletion: While deleting unnecessary files from portable hard drive, you would accidentally delete some important files too.
  • Formatting by Mistake: Formatting portable hard disk accidentally when it is connected to the system instead of some other unwanted partition / drive on the system.
  • Interruptions: Sudden ejection of portable hard drive from PC / laptop or abrupt system shutdown when files are in transfer.
  • Corruption: Portable hard drives can get corrupted due to various factors which results in inability to open files present in it.

How to Perform Portable HDD Recovery:

  • Connect the portable hard drive to your system.
  • Download Remo Recover software and install it
  • Launch the application and select Recover Drives option and head to the next screen
  • Choose between Partition Recovery and Formatted / Reformatted Recovery
  • Select portable drive from the list and then select the required partition / drive from which data needs to be retrieved
  • Preview the recovered files and save them

Note: You can make use of this tutorial for iMac G5 hard drive recovery, if you have formatted your iMac G5 17" Model A1058 Desktop to restore data from internal hard drive, and other external HDD like flash memory card, USB drive, etc.

Apart from restoring data from portable hard drives, Remo Recover helps you in recovering files from internal hard drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, iPods, and other storage devices. It even helps to recover data from inaccessible hard drive or corrupted drive. Moreover, when your partition is deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted, this program will restore partition with ease. The recovered data can be viewed based on the file extension by using File Type View option, and files and folders can be viewed in a hierarchical view using Data View option.

  • Remo Recover can retrieve compressed files from formatted NTFS drives
  • It can restore formatted external hard drive files, RAW drive data and much more
  • This software has a 'Save Recovery Session' option that avoids rescanning of the drive and allows you to continue with the saving process any time later
  • It can perform data recovery from USB drive, iPods, memory cards, etc. on both Windows and Mac OS
  • The tool provides free preview of recovered files before saving them

Restore Portable Hard Drive with Remo Recover:

Remo Recover tool is an easy to use an amazing utility for external hard drive recovery. This Hard Drive Recovery software performs deep scanning of the complete portable drive and restores data safely. The software heps you in recovering files from Windows 8, 10, 7, Vista and other Windows OS versions. Various files like Word docs, pictures, ZIP archive, Excel sheets, videos, music files, PDF documents, and many others will be recovered without any problem from portable hard disk which is formatted, corrupted or inaccessible.

Supported portable HDD brands: Kingston, Buffalo, Seagate, LaCie, Toshiba, Iomega, Maxtor, Western Digital, Samsung, etc.

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