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Microsoft PowerPoint is a renowned and most widely used application to create slide based presentation and templates for multiple purposes. Nowadays most of the enterprises, education institutes and other organizations are using PowerPoint 2010 application to create school manuals, business reports, promotional banners, monthly sales report, etc and these presentation files are generally saved in .PPT file extension.

Being a computer \ laptop user, PowerPoint 2010 PPT file corruption is become a matter of concern and most of the user are experiencing the issue like “I can’t open my PPT file created in PowerPoint 2010 application”. Generally PPT fails to open due to large file size as it encloses various file objects and several slides and sometimes it gets corrupt \ damage due to unforeseen logical issues or human mistakes, some of them are discussed below:

Sudden System Shutdown: If system gets abruptly shut down due to unexpected power failure or logical glitches when PowerPoint 2010 application is in use then there could be chance of PPT file corruption and data becomes inaccessible.

Virus Attack: Severe Viruses (Trojan, Malware, Adware, Spyware) attack on PPT files may results in corruption issues and you are incapable to open PPT files.

Interruptions: While downloading or sending PPT files over network, if any sort of interruption occurs like system crash, software conflicts or due to any other reasons, then it eventually it results in PPT file corruption.

In all the above mentioned circumstances PPT files get corrupt and you will receive a pop up error message while opening the file such as:

  • Presentation file found unreadable content in filename.PPT
  • Unable to read file
  • PPT file error: Data might have been lost
  • PPT file is damaged \ broken and cannot be opened
  • PowerPoint 2010 cannot open the file xyz.ppt because the file extension or file format is invalid.

If any of the above mentioned circumstance happens then don’t get fret because you can easily repair the corrupt \ damaged PowerPoint 2010 PPT files in a simple and quick way just by employing excellent damaged file repair tool like Remo Repair PowerPoint. This tool is capable to repair the PowerPoint 2010 PPT file on major version of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008 including Windows 8 with few mouse clicks.

Remo Repair PowerPoint Software Key Features:

  • Apart from PowerPoint 2010 PPT repair; the tool is compatible to repair different types of presentation files such as PPTX, PPS, PPSX, etc within matter of minutes
  • It repairs and retrieves sound effects, OLE objects, animations, text, formatting, fields including hyperlinks from damaged or broken PowerPoint 2010 PPT file
  • Even when there are errors in PowerPoint file, the program will repair error accessing PPTX file, PPT or PPS files, in just a short while
  • The tool is equipped with interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface), easy to use; therefore even a normal computer user can utilize this utility to repair damaged PowerPoint 2010 PPT files utmost ease
  • Compatible on Windows 32 and 64 bit computers.
  • Remo Repair software even repair damaged doc files on Windows and Mac system \ laptops at your finger tips.

Safety Measures:

  • Scan your system \ laptop with updated antivirus software in order to get clear from virus intrusion
  • Maintain important PPT files backup in some external storage device
  • Turn off Allow Fast Save” option in PowerPoint 2010 application.

Procedure to Repair Damaged PowerPoint 2010 PPT File

  • Download and install Remo Repair PowerPoint software on your Windows systems
  • Once you launch the tool in the main screen browse and locate the PPT file that is to be repaired Image 1
  • Press the "Repair" button to begin repair process Image 2
  • The software will start repairing the PPT file refer Image 3
  • After completion, preview the repaired file by hitting the “Preview” option as in Image 4
  • Browse the destination location to save the repaired PPT file and save it by using the “Save” button Image 5
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Safe and Secure
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