PowerPoint File Is Corrupted and Cannot Be Opened

At times you may come across a situation where your PowerPoint file will deny opening it, in spite working hard on your PowerPoint file if you get denied then this can make you very desperate. There may be many reasons behind the inaccessibility, and one such common reason is the occurrence of error message like “PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by file_name.ppt“, if you come across this error then assume that your PowerPoint file is corrupted. But you can still have hope as the corrupted PowerPoint file can be easily repaired by making use of a suitable repair tool.

Possible reasons of corruption:

A PowerPoint file may get corrupted due to many reasons, and some of which are mentioned below.

  • A PowerPoint file may get corrupted when you abruptly terminate the file while using it. This situation can usually happen due to sudden power loss or intentional termination
  • When the header information of the PowerPoint file is damaged, then the file will become inaccessible for a user. The header of the file may get damage due to improper usage, incomplete transfer or download etc.
  • If the PowerPoint file is infected by virus or when you try to access the file using inappropriate application, in either of the situation you may lose access to your PowerPoint file

These are some of the possible reasons which are commonly noticed, however if you are not able to gain access to your PowerPoint file due to any of the reasons then don’t get worried, just make use of Remo Repair PowerPoint. By making use of this application you can effortlessly repair your PowerPoint file without losing any content within it.

Various scenarios where “Remo Repair PowerPoint” can be useful:

It is capable of repairing a PowerPoint file which is corrupted due to any of the previously mentioned scenarios. If the PowerPoint file is password protected then this application can act as a worthy tool in order to fix the issue very easily. However, if you have lost all your attributes or settings from the corrupted PowerPoint file then by using this program you can recover all your attributes from the corrupted file. Moreover, it also helps to fix PowerPoint file which fails to respond, in just few minutes.

Other essential features of Remo Repair PowerPoint

  • Can be able to fix all types of PowerPoint files, such as PPT, PPS and PPTX 
  • It allows you to have a preview on the contents within the PowerPoint file after the repair process is accomplished successfully, by this you can evaluate the capability of the software
  • If you feel any inconvenience in using this product then our technical professionals will let you know how to fix the corrupted files of PowerPoint very easily, in addition the technical professional are available to you at any time round the clock
  • You can accomplish your task very easily as this application provides you with simple graphical interface which can be easily understood by both novice and professional end users
  • This tool is free from virus and consume very less memory for getting installed on your computer hard drive (likely 50 MB)

Steps to use Remo Repair PowerPoint

  • Download the trail version of this application from a trusted website and install it in your computer
  • Open the application and from the main screen as inImage 1click on “Browse”
  • After clicking “Browse” option select the corrupted PowerPoint file from the computer as shown in Image 2 ,after selecting the file click on “Repair” option
  • As soon as you click on “Repair” option the process of repair will begin which is as shown in Image 3 ,wait for the process to complete
  • After successful completion of repair process you can select “Preview” option which is as indicated in Image 4
  • If you want to save the repaired file to your hard drive then you may have to purchase the product as the trial version of this application does not allow you to save the repaired file

Additional Info: Unlike PowerPoint file you may find error while accessing the word file, if you have denied access to your precious word document then you can easily fix the Word document error by using an appropriate application, to know more just click on the link which is provided here.

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