How to Fix not Opening PPT Files

Remo Repair PowerPoint tool is the best solution to fix not opening PowerPoint files in quick and easy way. It's advanced scanning technique & freiendly interface makes the repair porcess simpler. The entire process is just 3 step procedure: Select - > Repair - > Save...

Repair PowerPoint Files that are not Opening

PPT files are nothing but presentation files created for some personal use or official use. This is a very popular application developed by Microsoft Office. Using this application you can create many presentations files like PPT, PPTX, PPS, etc. Many users across the world use this application to present their significant ideas about a particular topic, which can be clearly understood by others.

It’s known to everyone that people across the world are very much dependent on this application in many ways. You may be in a terrible situation if you find your PowerPoint file not opening in your system. It may be your very important PPT file which you had prepared investing lot of time and patience, and you may think that now; all your hard work went in vain. Just relax; now you can get back your PPT files which are not opening, by repairing it using a popular repair tool called Remo Repair PowerPoint.

Features of Remo Repair PowerPoint Utility:

  • Has the potential to repair PPT files which are corrupt due to improper installation of MS PowerPoint
  • Uses a single interface to scan the corrupt PPT files, discovers the cause for its corruption and then lastly repairs it
  • Compatible with all popular versions of Windows OS likeWindows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, etc.
  • Capable of repairing various file formats, animations, hyperlinks, OLE objects, graphics, etc.
  • Easily helps to fix damaged PowerPoint 2010, 2007, 2013, and other versions of Presentation file
  • Non-destructive Read only software, which is 100% safe to use
  • Keeps the source file unaltered during the repair process as it just copies the contents of the file
  • Special mechanism to restore all the repaired PPT files and its attributes in original format
  • Reads the corrupt PPT file and creates that file’s virtual structure, during the repair process

Few Reasons for PPT File Corruption:

MS PowerPoint malfunction: Improper / Incomplete installation of MS PowerPoint application may corrupt your PPT files

Improper shutdown: Sudden shutdown of your system due to power surge and turning off the system without closing the PPT files will corrupt your PPT files

Header file corruption: Header file contains PPT filename, its size, creation date, modification date, etc. and hence missing of any of these data will make it impossible for you to locate and open it

Registry policy settings: If the registry policy settings of PPT files are not set properly then this will possibly corrupt your PPT files

Interruption: Any interruption caused while downloading PPT files from internet or while transferring PPT files then there are more chances that your PPT files may get corrupt

Macro Virus Infections: Macro viruses are programs that embed in your PPT file when you download it from internet. These programs run automatically when you open the document, causing PPT file corruption

Human Errors: Improper managing of the PPT files while creating it or while transferring them to any other external storage device will result in PPT file corruption

Tutorial to Fix not opening PowerPoint File:

To repair not opening PPT files, download & Install Remo Repair PowerPoint tool on your PC. This is a hassle free application which is developed by skilled professionals using special repair techniques, which eases your repair process. File repair process is done in just one shot using few mouse clicks.

Launch this PPT repair software; now select the corrupt PPT file using Browse option. Now the software scans your corrupt PPT file deeply, identifies the reason for its corruption and then repairs it. Not much human intervention is required during the repair process, as the software is capable of doing everything automatically. The software sees to it that the original file remains intact even after the repair process. Once the repair process is over you can even view the entire repaired PowerPoint file using the Preview option.

Learn more about how to fix damaged files with the help of Remo Repair tool in simple way. Read more..

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