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As it can be any important information, it is always worth keeping regular backups in the event of data loss. Likewise, even your Outlook PST file has to be backed up instantly. In fact, backing up data is just copying your important files and saving them on to some safer location. But when it’s not the same with your Outlook data file. When it comes to PST file, it’s quite a difficult process to manually backup those personal folders. Moreover, it’s a lengthy and tedious job as the file works with Exchange server. However, it’s not impossible; by making use of an excellent PST backup and Restore software it is easier to copy all Outlook PST attributes and restore them back when needed.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is one such tool that assists in backing up all your Outlook data in just simple steps. It can be your inbox, sent items, notes, contacts, appointments, RSS Feeds or any other Outlook attribute the tool can copy them all. Not just that you can even restore the copied items at any time to retrieve back the Outlook data. Especially, when your Outlook has crashed, while reinstalling OS or formatting the drive etc., this excellent utility assists in restoring back the backed up Outlook data.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate plays a vital role …

  • When you are trying to upgrade your Outlook version to its higher version in order to experience the advanced features, you will have to first backup the data and then after upgradation restore it back
  • While changing the system that is when moving from old computer to new one, along with other data you will have to move the PST file
  • Upgrading the operating system you need to format the drive, hence before this backing up your vital information including Outlook data file is very important

In all the above instances Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate tool assists you to backup Outlook PST file and restore it back when required. However, not only these instances it is always a good practice to have a copy of Outlook emails and other data so that it can be used for restoring back in cases of disasters.

NOTE: It is mandatory to have regular backup of Outlook personal folders as no one knows the disaster would strike. Having necessary backup could help get back the lost Outlook data in simple clicks.

Excellent Features of Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate

This advanced Outlook backup and restore utility provides a simple process to easily backup all your Outlook data in just one click. You can actually copy only the selected items from the list and ignore the rest thus saving the storage space.  Not just the Outlook emails, settings, contacts etc. with this brilliant program you can even backup your nick names, stationary, dictionary, signature, RSS feeds and many other attributes associated with PST-file. It’s now easier to even migrate the Outlook data file from older Outlook version to higher version using this best PST backup and restore tool. Some of the eye catching features of this software include:

  • Complete tool to copy entire Outlook profile with all its attributes intact
  • Compresses the backup archive as per the available storage space
  • Offers automatic backup option with its built in scheduler to back up the Outlook data instantly as per the scheduled time
  • Enables you to split the archive and save at different locations as per the available destination storage space
  • Creates 4 restore points so that you can restore back your Outlook data to the previous or required state
  •  Compatible enough on all available Outlook versions (Outlook 2003, 2007 & 2010 etc.) and on all Windows OS versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and many more…
  • Protects the backup copy with a password, to protect data privacy.

Moreover, you can create any number of backup profiles with this software. It’s highly interactive and explorer like GUI provides simple and comfortable process even for the novice users. In case you find any difficulties in using the software, you can contact the technical support team who are available round the clock that too via live chats for free. In addition, the tool is completely free from all sorts of threats and infections. Thus, it is an excellent tool to back up your entire Outlook profile in matter of minutes.

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