2 Proven Methods to QuickBooks Data Recovery

Updated on May 29, 2020

Remo File Recovery Software might be the only way you can recover all formats of QuickBooks files regardless of size, version or edition. Designed and developed to detected over 300 file formats Remo ensures to securely recover QBW(Quickbooks for Windows), TLG (Transaction Log Files) and even QBB (QuickBooks backup files).

QuickBooks might be one of best applications to track and manage all resources running through your business. Most importantly, it empowered all the small business owners to become one-man force to manage money, inventory, transactions, and payrolls without requiring any expertise in the concerned domains. That also means you are saving a lot of crucial information in the format of QuickBooks files that can influence your entire business. If you lose those precious QuickBooks files you lose your control over your entire business. So how to recover deleted files in QuickBooks? You can find the answer to that question in this article. With all the instructions required to recover the QuickBooks files, this article will also assist you in QuickBooks data recovery.

Methods to Recover QuickBooks files

There are 2 methods to recover QuickBooks files.

  • Using QuickBooks auto data recovery
  • Recovering QuickBooks data using professionally suggested data recovery software

Since QuickBooks application is providing an auto data recovery option any user's first intuition will be using ADR (auto data recovery). However, there are certain limitations which are explicitly mentioned by QuickBooks.

  • You cannot use ADR to recover QuickBooks files in accountant edition
  • QuickBooks will not create ADR files exceeding 1.5 GB size. So, if your QuickBooks files are larger than 1.5 GB you cannot use ADR for QuickBooks data recovery.

Hence, for your best interest it is highly suggested to use a pro data recovery software such as Remo File Recovery software. Since, QuickBooks files or QBW extension files are unfamiliar file formats using other data recovery software might not yield you better results. In contrast Remo data recovery software is hardwired to detect over 300 file formats and hence Remo ensures to detect and recover the deleted or lost QuickBooks files.

Remo also supports all QuickBooks editions such as Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions. Additionally, you can also recover QuickBooks backup files or QBB files which are definitely impossible to recover using ADR. Apart from QuickBooks, Remo Recover also recover deteted VCF files from your memory card.

How to Recover Deleted QuickBooks Files?

Download and install Remo Data Recovery Software. Launch the application and select the recover files option to recover deleted QuickBooks data.

Select the Drive where You saved QuickBooks files

From the drives listed select the drive where you saved the QuickBooks files and click on Scan. Wait for the Remo Data Recovery Software to Scan for QBW or QBB files. After detecting all the deleted files Remo will consolidate all the data available to recover in the Recovery window.

Preview the Recovered QuickBooks data

All the recovered data will be segregated in two different view

  • Data view
  • File type view

Which will support you to identify QBW files from all the recovered data. Once differentiating the QuickBooks files, you can use the preview option to check the status of the recovered files, however it only works for photos and media files.

Save the Recovered QBW files

Select the files you want to recover and select a destination folder and click on the save button.
Additionally, you can use the “Add Data Type” feature to specify some undefined or unfamiliar file types such as “.tlg” or Transactional Log files.

How to Recover Lost QuickBooks Data from Auto Data Recovery

What is QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR)?

QuickBooks integrated Auto Data Recovery in the year 2010 to restore the damaged or lost QuickBooks files. However, it is not available in the accountant's edition and it also cannot create ADR files which are exceeding 1.5 GB in size.

Steps to Recover Lost or Deleted QuickBooks data Using Auto Data Recovery Option

To be clear you can recover two types of QuickBooks files using auto data recovery

  • QBW.adr files (QuickBooks for Windows)
  • .tlg files (Transaction Log files)

Note: you cannot recover deleted QBB files or QuickBooks Backup files, you definitely require a data recovery software to recover QBB files.

Open the file where your Company File is located. You can find the company files location by tapping the F2 button from the QuickBooks application home screen. After locating the company files folder, open it and locate QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery folder.

Once in the Auto Data Recovery folder, manually search for files with extension .QBW.tlg for recovering QuickBooks Transaction Log files.

To recover Actual QuickBooks files, search for files with extension QBW.adr. Select and copy the files you required to recover and paste them on the desktop.

Open the recovered QBW files using QuickBooks desktop application.

However, you can only recover files that are a couple of hours old. Latest data might not be available in QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.

Hence, considering all the limiting factors it is highly suggested to use Remo Data Recovery software to Recover QuickBooks files instead of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.


QuickBooks is the best application for tracking your entire business operations, expenditures, inventory hence it is really crucial for you to recover the lost or deleted QuickBooks files. Fortunately, QuickBooks is integrated with an auto data recovery option that allows users to recover the deleted or lost QuickBooks files without using third party software.

However, this auto data recovery option is not available in all the editions and you cannot recover the files larger than 1.5 gb. To overcome that issue you can take advantage of Remo Data recovery software that recovers QuickBooks files. Not only QuickBooks files you can also recover lost excel sheets with the help of Remo Data recovery software.

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