RAID Data Recovery

Restore Data from RAID Partition

RAID storage technology on provides most safe and secure way to store and access your entire information. Nonetheless, in spite of being a strong and trustworthy array to store data, sometimes data stored on RAID hard drive partition gets lost or deleted. Most often loss of data from RAID HDD partition strikes when user accidentally formats the hard drive partition. In such kind of circumstances, most of the people become thunderstruck when they recognize some of the vital files have gone away. The circumstance becomes even most awful when appropriate backup of lost or deleted files from RAID arrays is not available. In such crucial point of time, lot of thoughts will flash on your mind such as what’s now? Have I everlastingly lost entire data from RAID arrays? How to bring back data from RAID array? Needless to say, all your uncertainties will fade away just by using good data rescue tool. Even though there are numerous utilities available, but when it comes to reviving files and folders from RAID arrays, Remo Recover is the strong and trusted tool in the world.

When you delete the files, do you think they are deleted permanently?

Whenever you encounter data loss from RAID array, stop using the hard drive partition because it might overwrite existing information and results in eternal loss of data. When data has lost or deleted from RAID array, only index pointer of file or folder has removed or erased. The OS fails to access or retrieve such information due to lack of index pointer. Nevertheless, this advanced software will effortlessly search such files and folders with its robust inbuilt scanning algorithm and revives with the assistance of unique file signatures.

Common Scenarios of losing data from RAID partitions

  • File System Breakdown: This happens usually due to virus infection, bad sectors on hard drive etc. Whenever the file system corrupts the entire data stored on corresponding drive becomes corrupt and inaccessible.
  • Partition Table Corruption: Since partition table contains entire information about partitions, if this table corrupts due to unforeseen reasons then entire data stored on such drives becomes inaccessible and eventually leads to loss of vital information.
  • Human Errors: The human mistakes such as accidental deletion, accidental formatting or re-formatting also causes loss of vital info from RAID drives.
  • Other Reasons: The factors such as technical glitches, OS crash, software malfunction, hard drive failure etc also causes loss of data from RAID arrays.

Precautions to follow

In order to circumvent loss of vital information from RAID arrays, it’s always suggested you to uphold a valid backup of entire data stored on RAID hard drive partitions. Furthermore, make sure that you have a healthy and updated anti-virus program to evade infection of harmful virus or spyware. If you have lost/deleted data from RAID array and don’t have genuine backup then you have to use this widely appreciated tool to retrieve data from RAID arrays.

What makes this software as best in the market?

  • Efficiently provides an advanced option to save the hard disk space by compressing rescued data from RAID partitions.
  • Simply carry out RAID data recovery on all different versions of Windows or Mac OS based computers.
  • Effectively performs data rescue from all versions of RAID arrays including RAID 5, RAID 4, RAID 3 etc.
  • Instantly performs data retrieval from corrupt, damaged, logically failed, inaccessible, formatted RAID drives.
  • Entire data from RAID arrays including digital pictures, videos, music files, spreadsheets, RAW photos etc can be rescued at one go.

Note- Not just RAID arrays, the tool also comes handy to recover hard drive, memory cards, pen drives, iPod, etc.

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