Repair RAR File Access Denied Error

Updated on December 27, 2021

In case you are looking for a quick and safe fixation for your RAR file “access denied” error, then you have landed on the right page. Remo RAR Repair Software can be your ally here and will fix your RAR file in just a few clicks. This hi-tech engineered tool can repair any corrupted RAR file and the contents can be extracted in a gif!! It even fixes broken, inaccessible, or invalid RAR archives of any version.

The Winrar error “access denied” is a common issue that many users face. However, the important aspect of this error now is that your crucial data stored in that archive is inaccessible. You might have tried to fix it with some manual methods but you are down on luck. Unfortunately, even WinRAR is not equipped with any utility to fix such errors. This gets more frustrating when you have no idea how it happened in the first place. Fortunately, there is a way to fix it if your WinRAR file access is denied. Refer to the following section for a comprehensive explanation of why this error occurred.

How to Fix ‘RAR access Denied’ error

  • Re-download the RAR file
  • RAR function key method
  • By using Remo Repair RAR

Why RAR file is not opening?

‘RAR access denied’ error is usually an indication of the RAR file being corrupt. This is why you are not able to access the files and extract them. There can be various reasons for a RAR file to get corrupted, some of which are as follows:

  • WinRAR application malfunction or crash
  • Interruptions while transferring RAR file, or downloading it from the internet
  • RAR file header corruption
  • Using unreliable applications to recover lost or deleted RAR files
  • CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) Errors or malware in the RAR files

Fix WinRAR Access Denied by Function keys

  • Browse to the WinRAR file’s location.
  • Then, select the file and click on the Repair button found in the toolbar.
  • You can now choose Treat corrupt archive as RAR from the pop-up window that shows up next.
  • Wait until the repair process is completed. Then, click on the Close button.
  • Finally, select the newly rebuilt archive to extract the files that you initially had in mind.
  • Choose Extract without confirmation and the procedure should start right away.

Re-download the RAR file

While encountering such issues, you could also re-download the WinRAR file. This might be caused due to various reasons including interruption during download and system shutdown.

In spite of that, this doesn’t mean that your file is corrupt and cannot be fixed. Just re-download it and once again try to extract the files off it.

As we already discussed that in nine out of the ten cases, the RAR access denied error occurs due to corruption in the file. Thus you cannot access or extract the contents of the RAR File unless and until you repair it. So the effective way to fix WinRAR access denied error without wasting your crucial time is to use a reliable tool. This is the only simplest yet safest solution to fix the RAR file.

A tool like the Remo RAR Repair. This tool safely fixes the RAR file access denied error and brings back the file contents to you. Due to its read-only mechanism, the software does not alter the original RAR file to ensure there is no further corruption. It only extracts the contents of the corrupted RAR file with the advanced algorithm and fixes it. Then the tool creates a healthy RAR File with the same content which is now accessible to you. The application supports the repair of any version of the RAR file. Try it for yourself by implementing the steps mentioned in the next segment.

How to Fix RAR File “Cannot open file access is denied”:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair RAR software on your system

Step 2: Launch the software, browse to select the RAR file to be repaired and then click on Repair

Browse to the RAR file that is not opening

Step 3: The software begins to scan the RAR file. Once repair process is completed, you can preview RAR file contents

Preview the repaired RAR file that is not opening

Step 4: To save repaired file contents, press Next button. Click on Select Folder to choose the destination

Step 5: After selecting the destination, click on Save tab

Save the repaired RAR file that is not opening

Remo RAR Repair tool is capable of working on the following conditions as well:

  • It can even work on Password protected RAR files.
  • It can fix RAR archive files of size 4GB or more.
  • The tool supports all the versions of WinRAR Application including WinRAR 3.50, WinRAR 5.50, 5.40, WinRAR 4.00, WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 3.90, WinRAR 2.00, WinRAR 2.80, etc.
  • The program supports damaged, inaccessible, or broken RAR file repair on various Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and so on.

Few Tips to Prevent RAR File Corruption:

  • Do not use unreliable third-party applications to compress/extract RAR archive contents
  • Set a password for the RAR file to prevent data intrusion from third-party tools
  • Make sure the storage devices in which you store RAR files are not corrupted or virus-infected
  • Always create a backup of the important RAR Files.

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