RAR Repair & Recovery

  • Remo Repair RAR - Effective RAR repair tool to repair corrupted RAR files
  • Repair corrupt RAR files having file size of more than 4GB
  • Use Remo Recover for deleted or lost RAR file recovery
  • Provides an easy-to-use and self explanatory interface

RAR recovery and RAR file repair

RAR files store one or more files in a compressed format. It is the native format of WinRAR archiver tool. This file format comes handy while sharing huge number of files over internet or storing it to save disk space. Like other files, RAR files can also get corrupted, which makes all files and important information stored in it inaccessible.

If the RAR file is corrupted then you would need to repair the RAR file. In such scenario Remo Repair RAR is a very effective tool and helps in repairing such damaged RAR files. In case your file is not corrupted but lost or deleted then Remo Software brings to you Remo Recover, which can recover deleted or lost RAR file.

Features of Remo Repair RAR

  • Supports repair of all types and versions of RAR files
  • Provides very user-friendly interface with completely automated repairing process
  • Fix password protected or encrypted RAR archive files easily using this software
  • RAR files having size more than 4GB can also be repaired by this software
  • Repair RAR files corrupted due to CRC error

Common scenarios in which repairing a RAR file is need:

CRC Error: One of the main causes for RAR file corruption is CRC ( Cyclic Redundancy Check ) error. Basically in this error the data does not match between the time when the RAR file was created and when its unzipped.

Lack of Memory: If there is not enough memory space to carry out RAR file creation or extraction then the RAR file might get corrupted by showing memory error.

Disk Error: When you are saving or extracting information from a RAR file stored on a disk which might contain errors, you might lose data due to write operation error.

Improper Download: Due to an intrupption in the internet connection there is possibility that the RAR file which you are downloading might get corrupted, and when you try opening that type of a file you might get an error and the file will not open due to corruption.

Malware attack: RAR archives can also get corrupted due to virus attack.

Changing file extension: Sometimes change in file extension can cause RAR file corruption. As a result the contents of the RAR file become inaccessible and unusable. File extensions can also get changed due to third party application.

Process: How to repair damaged RAR file

Remo Repair RAR is a RAR repair tool, which can repair corrupt RAR files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted RAR files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac).

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