How to Restore RAW Data from Mac

Are you looking for the best and simple way to carry out RAW data recovery for Mac? Then refer this page and get to know the most simple technique to recover RAW data from Mac system \ laptop.

Well, in this circumstance most of the users think that the RAW data is lost forever and it’s not possible to recover; but in reality it’s wrong because one can easily get back RAW format data just by making use of best “Data Recovery Software“ - Remo Recover (Mac). This utility has the ability to restore all types of file formats which turns into RAW such as photos, videos, audios, Spreadsheets, PDF, etc. with few clicks of mouse. However, the most important thing every individual has to remember is, that one should not make any changes to the data on the hard drive like adding fresh data or converting file system from one format to another, etc. as this might overwrite your lost RAW data leading to permanenet loss.

Some Common Reasons Responsible for Data Becoming RAW are as Follows:

Abrupt System Shutdown: Mac system might get turned off abruptly due to unexpected power failure; because of which some of the data fails to mount and becomes unresponsive, such incidence finally result in huge amount of data loss.

Boot Sector Problem: Generally boot sector problem occurs due to logical or unforeseen reasons. Whenever boot sector problem arises, Mac system \ laptop fails to boot as a result stored data becomes raw or unresponsive.

Sharing Data on Unconfirmed Platforms: Due to existence of unsubstantiated platform issues in Mac system \ laptop, at times data turns into RAW and becomes unresponsive. This type of situation results in data loss.

Other Reasons: Header file corruption, modification in BIOS settings, interruption during read \ write operation, catalog file node corruption, human error, software or hardware issues, etc.

All the above stated scenarios are responsible for unresponsive or inaccessibility of Mac data. But don’t get panic! As said earlier by making use of Remo Recover (Mac) software you can easily retrieve back RAW data on major versions of Mac OS X based systems such as Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Leopard, etc. within short span of time.

Salient Features of Remo Recover (Mac) Software:

  • By making use of Remo Recover (Mac) software you can get back RAW data even from formatted FAT 16, HFS X / HFS + and FAT 32 file systems utmost ease.
  • You can make use of this tool to perfom ISO image recovery in few clicks
  • It supports recovery of RAW data on different types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, SATA, ATA, PATA, etc. on both 32 and 64 bit Mac OS X.
  • The application allows you to recover data from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and from USB drive, FireWire drives, memory cards, Memory Sticks, external hard drive, etc. on Mac without any difficulty

Helpful Tips:

  • Regularly maintain important files backup on external storage memory in order to get them easily if any data loss disasters strike on Mac system
  • Don’t install any unreliable third party applications on your Mac system
  • Connect UPS to your system in order to avoid data loss due to sudden power failure
  • After performing format operation prevent reformatting your hard drive again as this makes recovery operation very much difficult

Procedure to recover RAW data from Mac Using Remo Recover (Mac) Software:

  • First, download and install the Remo Recover (Mac) trial version on your Mac system or laptop
  • Double click on shortcut icon and select the option “Recover Drives or Volumes” from the main screen
  • Next list of volumes will be displayed after completion of scanning process, select the volume from where the data needs to be recovered
  • Now, select the file type and click on “Next” tab.
  • Now, you can view the recovered files with the help of “Preview” option to check the performance of software
  • If you are satisfied with the obtained result using trial version then purchase the complete version to save the retrieved data.

Additional Information: By making use of Remo Recover (Mac) Software, you can also recover data after disk format on all Mac OS X versions including the latest one OS X Yosemite within matter of minutes. Click on the provided link to get complete information.....

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