How To Recover 3GP Videos?

Updated on December 16, 2020

Recover 3GP video files from hard disks, phone memory cards or any external storage device just by connecting it to the computer that has Remo Recover.

Download now to try the software and preview your recovered 3GP video files for free.

3gp video files were used widely as it was popular for sending or receiving videos on newly introduced smart phones. However, 3GP format videos might be an outdated format now but the video which is recorded in that format could be an important video.

Being an outdated video file format, it is evident that those videos are prone to corruption, malware, or any kind of logical errors leading to deletion or loss of that video. If you have happened to lose those videos and wanting to recover 3gp videos, stick till the end of this informative write-up.

What Makes You Lose Your 3GP Video File?

  • Infected Computer or Memory Card:
    Your smart phone’s memory card or computer might get infected with malware or virus due to any reason. Always run an anti virus before and after you insert your phone memory card or any storage device to transfer or receive 3gp video files
  • Hard drive errors:
    If there are bad sectors present on your hard disk, your 3gp videos might get lost or deleted unexpectedly along with other files.

Quick Note: What Are Bad Sectors?
Bad Sectors in the hard drive or a partition refers to a section in storage disk that is damaged severely. After encountering bad sectors, all information stored in that sector is lost or deleted.

Can I Recover Deleted 3GP Videos?

Yes, you can surely recover videos irrespective of the above-mentioned mistakes with the help of a professional video recovery software that can recover 3GP videos. Once you have lost or deleted 3gp videos from your system or memory card, a professional 3gp recovery software can effectively scan and identify the 3gp videos. However, if you have stored other files on that affected drive or memory card after losing your 3GP videos, it is difficult for any video recovery software to recover 3GP videos.

Remo Recover is an award-winning software which is known to recover videos, photos and other media files from HDD or external storage devices. This tool can scan and recover more than 300 file formats from your computer or memory card. Try the product now to scan and preview your recovered 3GP videos for free.

Features of Remo Video Recovery Software:

  • Designed with robust interface and self-explanatory process that helps the user to recover 3gp files without having any technical knowledge
  • If you have not found your 3gp videos by scanning the drive? Use Deep Scan feature to scan the affected drive once again sector by sector and get you 3gp files recovered effectively
  • Recovering deleted 3gp files is taking time? Use our Save Recovery Session feature to pause and start the recovery process according to your convenience
  • Ensure that the video quality has not been compressed while recovering deleted 3gp files from the selected storage device by using the Preview button

How Do I Recover A 3GP file with a Video Recovery Software?

Download, install and launch Remo Recover Windows Media Edition and follow the below mentioned steps to recover 3gp videos:

Note: If you have lost your 3gp format videos from a memory card or any other storage device? Connect it with the computer that has Remo Recover video recovery software installed in it to recover 3gp files.

Step 1: Select Recover Photos to recover 3gp files with this media file recovery section.

click on recover photos to start the process of 3GP file recovery

Step 2: Select your affected drive, partition or memory card from the Drives/ Partitions section and click on Scan.

Step 3: Depending on the number of 3gp video files, wait for the software to scan and recover 3gp files effectively.

select the storage device from where you lost or deleted your 3GP file and then click on Scan.

Step 4: Once you're 3gp recovery has been completed, evaluate the quality of the recovered 3gp files by clicking on Preview button to ensure that no quality was compromised during the recovery process.

double-click on the recovered 3GP files to preview them. You can preview them for free and then decide if you want to proceed with the saving process or not.

Note: Do not save the recovered 3gp videos on the same affected drive, partition, memory card or storage device as it might lead to overwriting of the original data.

Watch this video tutorial to easily perform 3GP video recovery process.

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