Recover accidentally deleted .DOC files from Asus CM1740

Piling up files in your Asus CM1740 is a habit that you just can’t do away with. However, to keep the look and feel of your system clean, you often have to delete the unwanted files from your desktop or NTFS partitions. When there are too many such files, cleaning becomes a tedious task. In an attempt to close the task soon, you may rush through the process and end up deleting the wrong file. And if it happens to be a shift + delete, your desperation will know no bounds. The good news is that losing important files to accidental deletion is not a permanent loss. It takes very little to recover deleted .doc files.

Asus CM1740 comes with AMD® A-& E2- series Accelerated Processor. This makes it one of best high performing PC in the world. Another exclusive feature of this system is the inclusion of DirectX 11 graphics. The one of a kind APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) combines advanced DirectX 11 graphics and processing power to provide matchless performance along with a stunning visual experience. Recovering your file from the NTFS partition of this system may pose a challenge to you.

Now let’s come back to the question uppermost in your mind, how to get back your deleted document from Windows OS. It is possible to recover your deleted document all by yourself. All you need is the best Undelete Software that will recover all deleted doc files. Remo Recover Windows is one such software which makes retrieving deleted doc files an effortless task. It involves following three simple steps.

You first need to download Remo Recover software by pressing "Download Now" button onto your Asus CM1740 PC. Start by clicking on Recover Files (Basic Edition). This will take you to the page with tabs Recover Deleted Files and Recover Lost Files. Click on Recover Deleted Files, and select the partition to launch the scan. After a thorough search, the software will come back with a file marked in red which is your deleted file. Last, but not the least, choose the path where you wish to save the file.

Next time, when you try to get rid of those unwanted files, just be careful.

Note- Even, there is chance of Word file corruption on Asus CM1740 due to various reasons. What will you do in such situation? No need to worry as Remo software has designed Repair application. It fixes corrupted Word file in few clicks and renders healthy file.


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