Has your Kingston DataTraveler Generation 3 USB drive gone corrupt? Know how to retrieve your files


Your Kingston DataTraveler Generation 3 USB is one of the best USB drive to bank upon. Cram your important files into it and carry it along without a care. Organizing files in the driveis pretty easy because it comes with its file management features ensure proper sorting and tracking. Several other built-in features make it outstanding. You carry your DataCard to one of your friends to copy some of your files from his PC. After the completion of copying process, your friend carelessly removes it without using the safe ejection mode. You fear this may corrupt your drive. When you check it in your PC, your fears turn true. Without a backup, you feel all the more miserable. You sink into deep thought trying to figure out a way to get back those lost files. You need not think much about it. And that’s because you can recover those files using good data recovery software.

Kingston DataTraveler Generation 3 USB drive is a storage device which you can trust blindly. It is stunning and attractive because of its color and design. You can have your company’s logo on it, to promote your brand. Interestingly, you can have your key clung to it as the sturdy loop of it supports key rings. It comes with optional preloaded urDrive software for the ease of file management. UrDrive has built-in music player, web browser, online storage and photo viewer. Having it is like having a lot more than just a USB drive.

You can recover your data from your USB drive using Remo Recover (Windows) Media Edition. Buy the software and install it in a computer. Insert your DataTraveler into the USB port. You can recover your .mov, .jpeg, .doc, etc. files by running the software. Select the external drive (DataTraveller) to scan. The software performs a rigorous scan and locates the lost files. Select the files which you need and recover at the location where you like.

The next time you try to eject your USB drive out of a port, be more careful. Always go to the safe eject mode before you eject it. After all being careful pays at the end.


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