Retrieve Canon RAW Files from SD Card

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Have you deleted or lost CR2 files from your SD card due to unknown reasons? Then, here is the best option for restoring files back in few simple steps….

Most of them will not be aware of what CR2 files are. Actually, these CR2 files are RAW format designed by Canon. This file format does not provide pictures in read format like JPG or PNG instead contains information coming from sensors. Canon is one of the preferred camera brand among many brands because of its excellent pixel and picture quality. It is utilized to capture photos from professionals to non-professionals due to its user friendly features, operations and modernized specifications. These Canon cameras take help of data storage devices like SD cards for storing all captured images in secured manner.

Sometimes, SD card containing CR2 files will be prone to deletion or loss due to many circumstances. One of the major reason for losing CR2 files is abrupt removal of SD card or ejecting it without using Safe Removal Hardware Option. Generally, files present in SD card including CR2 files will be transferred to PC or laptop for saving it securely. During this process removing SD card suddenly in hurry without any measures will corrupt your SD card. Because if which the CR2 files present on it will also become inaccessible i.e. data loss occurs.

In such instances, don’t panic and assume that those CR2 files cannot be restored without trying any possibilities. There are chances of recovering CR2 files from SD card using professional recovery tool. When you lose or delete CR2 files from SD card, they are not erased permanently. Those files will be present in SD card unless and until it is overwritten. So, once for all do not conclude that files from SD card cannot be recovered. With the help of professional recovery tool called Remo Recover, it is possible to perform CR2 files recovery from SD card without much complications.

Reasons responsible for deletion or loss of Canon RAW files from SD card

  • Accidental Formatting - This is one of the very common issue due to which most of them lose CR2 files from SD card. At times, you might format SD card when it is connected for file sharing process to your system instead of other drive.
  • SD card Corruption - SD card might get corrupted due to various reasons like multiple usages, software clashes, bad sectors etc. In such cases, SD card becomes corrupt and CR2 files present in it cannot be accessed.
  • Deletion - While deleting some of the old files from SD card, without your knowledge selecting CR2 files along with them result in CR2 file deletion.
  • Other Reasons - Malware infections, file system corruption, improper transfer process and so on are other reasons

These are some of the instances wherein you might lose your Canon RAW image files. With Remo Recover software CR2 photo files are recovered from Canon effortlessly recover back in simple steps.

In addition, the tool can even recover deleted video files from thumb drive, USB Drive, and other external storage drives in just few simple clicks.

Significant features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the efficient recovery tool that can be utilized for restoring deleted or lost CR2 files from SD card. It is capable of scanning entire SD card in few minutes and restores all files from corrupted, damaged or inaccessible SD cards utmost ease. Facilitates an option called Preview that permits users to view recovered files in advance before saving it on particular destination. This tool can be installed on all versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems to recover CR2 files from SD card. Apart from SD card, restores data from corrupt MMC cards, CF cards, XD cards and from other storage devices like hard drives, external hard drive, memory card, flash drives etc. of various brands.

Safety Measures

  • Do not abruptly insert or remove SD card
  • Maintain backup of vital files in any external storage device
  • Regularly transfer all the files from SD card to your system
  • SD card should not be utilized immediately after loss or deletion
  • Utilize updated antivirus software for scanning SD card
  • Avoid connecting SD card to unknown devices
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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