How to Restore Data After Disk Format

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Hello everybody I need help! Here is the problem: my friend in hurry performed format operation in my system hard disk after that everything on the disk is lost. How can I get back lost files? Is it possible to recover files like photos, video and movies after disk format? If yes, then please let me know! Thanks in advance.

Don’t panic! Data from formatted disk can be retrieved by utilizing professional hard disk recovery software – Remo Recover; if it hasn’t been overwritten by new files. Therefore it is recommended not to use the disk until recovery operation is carried out.

Before Proceeding towards Recovery Process, It’s Better to Understand Common Reasons Behind Disk Formatting:

  • File System Error: At times after turning on the system, you may get an error message like “Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now”?. This sort of pop up error message usually occurs due to error in file system or virus attack. In this situation, if you click on “YES” option, then all data will get deleted within fraction of seconds.
  • Unintentional Formatting: In some situation you may select the partition containing significant files and perform format operation instead of selecting unapproachable drive, this sort of circumstance leads to large amount of data loss.
  • Other Reasons: Virus attack, file system corruption, software malfunctioning, hard disk failure, OS crash, registry corruption, etc.

You might have formatted the disk due to above mentioned reasons or in some other instances resulting in data loss. However, in these situations Remo recover software is the best solution to recover disk data that is formatted, with ease.

Remo Recover Software Outstanding Features:

The utility is trustworthy and safe in retrieving files from formatted disk and it does not alter the contents of erased data during recovery process. This software has the capability to revive data from all other removable storage devices like USB drive, external hard drive, FireWire, Thumb Drive etc without any difficulty. Remo Recover application is designed with influential scanning algorithms, which scans complete formatted disk and recognizes the file types based on its file signature and restores formatted data. The utility supports file recovery from different file systems like FAT 16, NTFS 5, HFSX, HFS+, NTFS, FAT32 formatted hard disk volumes / partitions. It is compatible on all major versions of Mac and Windows OS based computers to recover files from failed SATA drive.

Safety Measures:

  • Always backup your significant data before formatting the disk
  • Scan your disk with authorized antivirus software to get clear from virus attacks
  • Don’t add fresh files on the disk which you have formatted
  • Before clicking yes for formatting, ensure whether it is the correct drive or not
  • After formatting the disk don’t go for reformatting the drive because this might make your recovery process more difficult

Simple Steps to be Followed for Retrieving Data After Disk Format:

To recover your lost data from your formatted hard disks, download the Remo Recover software and install it on your PC. Launch the software and then select the “Recover Partitions / Drives” option. In the next screen select “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery”. Now choose the drive from where data needs to be recovered and press “Next”. Scanning process starts and once it completes, you can even save the session with the help of “Save Recovery Session” option else skip. Now, view the recovered files with the help of “Preview” option to select them for recovery and then save the recovered files.

Note: Using this tool you can even perform deleted data recovery from USB in few steps. Try now....

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