How to recover files after formatting FAT32

Updated on December 31, 2019

It might seem to you like formatting a FAT 32 partition would mean all you data is gone forever. With a simple interface and quick speed, instantly recover files from a formatted FAT 32 partition in just a few clicks.

Many storage devices like Hard drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), Thumb drive, microSD and so on, use fat32 file system. It was an older file system that is supported by many devices. Despite the wide range usage, the fat32 format is not as reliable as the modern file format like NTFS. Regardless of your reasons for formatting a FAT32 partition, like corruption or malware, it might be tricky to recover files after formatting fat32. The below mentioned scenarios gives an insight of the various reasons why fat32 formatting is done.

What are the reasons for formatting FAT32?

  • A new USB does not contain a file system, hence formatting has to be done to use the drive.
  • NTFS file system cannot be used with older OS. Due to this reason the user might have to go for fat32 formatting.
  • The user might have unknowingly formated the drive, while partitioning the it.
  • Formatting the storage drive can remove any virus present in the drive.

Losing critical data can be fatal, if you have lost the data after formatting the drive do not worry. There is a way to recover your data easily and securely. All you have to do is download the Remo Recover software to recover the lost data.

Formatting the drive with FAT32 file system might bring the storage device to its working condition, but it still has some disadvantages. Go through the further section to understand what are the other possible ways that data has been lost, and how to recover them.

Advantages and disadvantage of FAT32 formatting.


  • Fat32 file system uses less disk space on large partitions.
  • Fat32 file system is compatible with all the operating systems.


  • No compression feature: fat32 file system does not allow the user to compress the data in the drive space.
  • No security feature: there are no permission restrictions in fat32 file system, any user can login to the computer and access the information.
  • No recovery feature: In an NTFS file system the data can be recovered if the computer crashes during a file transfer, but the Fat32 cannot recover the data like NTFS file system.

A storage drive would have been formatted for various reasons such as corrupted drive, virus attack, rewriting a new file system etc. If you have lost the data while formatting do not worry. The lost data can be recovered easily using Remo Recover software. This software will help you recover data accurately and securely.

The storage drive retains the formatted data until it has been rewritten or reused. So, it is possible to recover the data after formatting. Follow the steps below to recover files from the FAT32 formatted drive.

How to recover data after formatting FAT32.

Download the Remo Recover, install it in your computer and open the application.

  1. From the main screen click on 'Recover Partitions' option and then click on the drive from which you want to recover the data.
  2. Click on the scan button at the bottom right corner to start the scanning process.
  3. Kindly wait till the scan is complete. Once, scanning is completed all recovered files will be listed in "File Type" or "Data View"
  4. Now, you can click on the tabs above to view the required types of files - Images, Videos, text etc."
  5. Click on the 'Deep Scan' option, if in case you didn't get the files required else, click on 'Save'
  6. Before doing the deep scan, you will be asked to save the session, do click on yes to save the session.
  7. After deep scanning the drive, you can view all recovered files and preview them to check the accuracy
  8. If the results are satisfying you can click on 'Save' and save all the recovered data at any location.

What if your Fat32 is damaged? No worries, click here to know how to recover FAT32 partitions that are damaged.

Benefits of using Remo Recover

  • Recovers data that are lost from various scenarios such as, formatting, storage drive corruption, virus attack, partition errors.
  • Recover data from wide range of devices such as hard drives, solid state drives, USB drives, microSD card.
  • Easy to use interface helps you recover files in simple steps without any complications.
  • Advantageous in recovering the data securely.


No matter the reason for formatting your storage drive, you can always use the steps mentioned in this article. With a trusted data recovery software like Remo Recover getting back the lost data is now easier than ever.

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