Recover Data after Installing New Operating System

In my system, I was running Windows XP Operating System but after release of Windows 8 OS, I wished to have it in my system too. Therefore, I decided to change the existing OS with Windows 8 due to its user-friendly nature, robust, reliable, features, and etc. But the problem is I have come across data loss after doing it because I had collection of family photos, videos, documents, etc and stored in desktop. I forgot to backup those data before installing new OS but those lost data is very important to me so what should I do to restore as they were before.

This kind issue usually occurs in users who are not attentive in using system and end up with huge data loss. No one user regrets their huge collection of data loss from their system. In fact, when data will not loss after installing new OS because only data disappears from hard disk and their address pointers are get deleted from table entry making room for storing other data. Hence you are unable to access ro view those lost data but you can restore them with the assistance of third party application like Remo Recover. This application has strong enough built-in algorithms that helps to scan device very thoroughly and finally restores them as they were before.

How is it possible for Remo Recover application to restore data?

When Remo Recover application is employed for data restoration on any storage device, first it scans device very thoroughly and finds all types of files whose accessing pointers are deleted from table entry. Finally restores whatever data is lost after installing new OS, such as audio, video, documents, pictures and other file formats too. In addition, it will not damage your system as well as data while performing file restoration process. Hence, it is the very safe and secure data recovery tool to restore data from any storage devices, which is lost due to any reasons.

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Various reasons behind loss of data from hard disk

  • Accidentally deleting file while organizing, viewing or removing unwanted files from system
  • Formation of huge bad sectors on hard disk that results in huge data loss
  • When hard drive is severely attacked by virus and malware threats, which leads to inaccessible HD and results in loss of data
  • Emptying Recycle Bin without confirming files are stored in it are needed or not
  • Interrupting file transfer process by suddenly ejecting connected device or disconnecteing power supply will results in file system corruption

Other advantages of Remo Recover application

  • Supports recovery of data from various storage devices such as memory card, external hard drive, iPod, flash cards, and all types of hard drive
  • Allows user to utilize demo version to check whether application is best for recovering data or not
  • Allows users to add file signature dynamically when it is not mentioned in list
  • Provides free technical support via email and live chat applications
  • User friendly application thus enables all users to carry out file restoration process easily

Note: This Remo Recover application also play essentail role in performing deleted data recovery from USB in simple steps.

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Safe and Secure
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