Restore Files from Mac Crashed Hard Disk

Easily and securely restore your entire data from crashed Mac hard drive with Remo Recover application. This tool even restores deleted or lost files from Mac system having any OS version like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.

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Mac hard drive crash is disastrous! In such cases you would lose your entire data stored in it. Sometimes, your hard drive might give some indications of crash like suddenly rebooting itself while working, freeezes frequently or becomes very slow i.e. even for to open a single file it would take several minutes etc. But many times hard drive crashes on Mac are unpredictable, you would never know when such disaster would occur.

This can happen due to various scenarios i.e. either due to physical damage and logical issues. If your hard drive is crashed due to physical damage then it is difficult to recover data from it. In case Mac hard drive is crashed due to logical issues then using Remo Mac Recovery software you can get back your entire data in short span of time.

Why Remo Recover (Mac) Tool?

Remo Mac Hard Drive Recovery utility is the best solution to recover complete data from crashed Mac hard drive with great ease. This recovery software will effortlessly restore all types of data from your hard drive. It has been designed with unique recovery mechanism which will rescue files on the basis of its unique signature. This software can be used to restore data from all types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, SSD and various other common hard drive types.

Additionally, this tool easily restores data from Volumes that do not mount or fail to mount. It even performs undetected hard drive data recovery on Mac in few clicks. This utility even recovers files that are deleted or lost due to formatting of your Mac system with HFS+ or HFSX file system with great ease. Moreover, you can easily check retrieved files using "Preview" option and then save those files on any desired storage disk. (Avoid saving files in the same drive from where it was lost after recovery process.)

Scenarios that are supported by Remo Recover (Mac) utility:

  • Sudden Power failure: If there is sudden termination of system due to power failure, power spike, software conflicts etc. then it can damage your Mac hard drive file system. Due to which data stored in it cannot be accessed.
  • Volume Map Corruption: Volume Map is a storage area that stores detailed information about Mac Volumes like name, size, number of total volumes and lot more. Thus if due to any reason volume map gets damaged then there are possibilities that Mac OS won't allow system to boot.
  • Bad Sectors: Presence of excessive Bad sectors on Mac hard drive as a result of ageing, platter damage, etc can cause Mac hard drive crash, which makes your entire data inaccessible.
  • Other Scenarios: Other situations are hard drive failure, improper File System corruption and many other can lead to Mac hard drive crash.

Precautions to be taken by user to avoid loss of data:

  • Keep Backup copy of important files that are saved in your system on any external storage device.
  • Whenever you come across warning messages or unusual behaviors of your Mac system then do not ignore it, take necessary actions at the earliest.

Steps to get back Data from Crashed Mac Hard Drive:

  • Download and install Remo Recover (Mac) tool on a healthy computer and connect your crashed hard drive to the system. (Follow master slave concept). Then launch the software.
  • From displayed screen click on "Recover Volumes / Drives" option and then "Volumes Recovery" option.
  • Select crashed drive from the given list of drives and once you select drive the process of scanning will be initiated.
  • Once completed you can preview recovered data by using "Preview" option.
  • Then just select the required ones and save the files on any drive of your choice (except the one from which you recovered).
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Safe and Secure
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