How to Retrieve Data External SATA Hard Drive

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Recently I have lost crucial backup data from external SATA hard drive. Is it possible for me to restore lost data? How should I restore data from it?  No need to worry at all;  you can easily restore all lost data form SATA external hard drive with the use of data recovery application like Remo Recover. This application can easily unformat or undelete files from hard drive of any type in few simple steps. It can restore more than 300 file types includes audio, video, documents, pictures, etc. Besides, it supports recovery of data on various versions of Windows and Mac systems.

Various reasons behind loss of data from SATA hard drive

  • Virus attacks: when the external SATA hard drive is severely attacked by virus threats which results in huge data loss, because when these virus attacks enters your hard drive will starts corrupting files stored in it, besides it also corrupts file system. Hence you will loss overall access to hard drive data.
  • Formatting: Huge collection of all data backed up in external hard disk will get loss when you perform format process accidentally because this process erases all data stored on it.
  • Bad sectors: Formation of bad sectors on hard disk where data is stored then those data will become inaccessible.  Finally, this will results in huge data loss.
  • Interruption: Suppose you are transferring data from system to external hard disk then if you interrupt the process by disconnecting disk or switching off power will results in loss of files that are being in transferring mode.

Whatever might be reasons behind loss of data from SATA external hard drive, you can successfully restore hard drive data with the use of this Remo Recover application. It also supports various types of hard drive such as ATA, PATA, IDE, and SSD etc. In addition, it provides free technical support via email and live chat application for 24*7 hours.

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Steps Involved in Restoring SATA External Hard Drive

  • Initially download Remo Recover demo version and install on any healthy machine successfully
  • Connect your SATA external hard disk to system where you have installed the application
  • Launch the application and start data recovery process by following instructions given in each steps
  • Choose Recover Drives option from main screen and click next
  • Now application starts scanning your system and detects all connected and available drives in it
  • You choose drive from where you wish to restore data from it and click Next
  • Application initiates scanning the selected drive and displays all recoverable files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Choose file type which you wanted to restore or skip this step to restore all file types and click Next
  • Now application starts recovery step and once finishes allows you to view all restored files
  • But you cannot able to save them unless you activate the tool to full version

Note: If you are satisfied with the results that you obtain in demo version, then purchase full version and save all restored files to your disk.

Tips to avoid data loss

  • Backup very essential data to cloud
  • Keep scanning your hard disk with updated antivirus application
  • Attempt for recovery of hard disk bad sectors
  • Use external hard disk very properly and keep them in safe places

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