Formatted Partition Recovery- Recover Data From Formatted Partition

Updated on December 23, 2022

Accidentally formatted your partition? Worry not, it can be easily recovered with the help of a professional partition recovery tool like Remo Recover. Remo Recover is an advanced partition recovery tool that helps you restore lost or formatted partitions. This tool can recover more than 500 file formats and supports the recovery of formatted partitions from hard drives, SSDs, and USB drives. Download Remo Recover now !!

Formatting a partition means that your existing data on the partition is erased when you hit that format button. It is always recommended to take backup of data before formatting a hard drive or partition.

However there are other scenarios like partition getting damaged or corrupt, virus infection, or hard drive becoming undetected and forcing you to format the hard drive. This means, all your important data vanishes from the formatted partition.

If your formatted your partition, you can recover it. Partition recovery is a complex process, but with the right tools and guidance, it can be done. Read the full article to find out how to recover data from a formatted partition.

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Common Scenarios that Cause Formatted Partition

Below we have mentioned some common scenarios when you might have accidentally or due to other reasons formatted a hard drive partition:

  1. Accidental format: Accidental data loss is a regular blunder that can happen to even the most experienced computer users. When managing hard disk partitions, you may accidentally format a partition and realize that there is important data in the partition after formatting it.

  2. RAW partition error: If your partition becomes raw, you will see the message “You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it.” Do you want to format it?" Thus, you might click on the Format disk option to fix this error.

  3. Damaged partition: If the partition is corrupted for unknown reasons, it will show that the partition is not accessible. You may need to format it to repair the damaged partition and use it again.

  4. Virus attack: Some viruses can format partitions that are specially created for this purpose. When you try to access this partition, you may receive an access denied message.

  5. File system conversion: Reformatting or converting from NTFS to FAT16/FAT32 or vice versa will erase all the files from the partition.

Can you Recover Data from the Formatted Partition?

Yes, you can recover data from a formatted partition. The data you deleted by formatting the partition will be marked as space available to be overwritten. So, the first thing to do when you have formatted a partition is to stop using the hard drive to avoid overwriting existing files. This will increase the chances of recovering data from the formatted partitions. The next step is to make use of a trusted partition recovery software that can help you recover data from a formatted partition.

Note: When you format a partition you are not just deleting the existing data but also restructuring the data storage format. Hence enhancing the performance of the storage device. But make sure to take a backup of your computer before formatting the partition.

How To Recover Data From Formatted Partition?

To perform hassle-free partition recovery from your formatted partition make use of the Remo Partition Recover software. Remo Recover is a professional data recovery tool that can help you to recover data from hard drives and partitions under various data loss scenarios. Moreover, this tool works with advanced data recovery algorithms to scan and recover more than 500 file formats (like photos, raw images, videos, documents, etc) in simple clicks. Download Remo Recover now!!

Steps To Recover Files From Formatted Partition In Windows 10, 8, And 7

Follow the below simple steps to start the recovery process from your formatted partition:

  • Download and install the Remo Partition Recover software on your computer.
  • Select the formatted partition from which you want to recover your files, and click on the Scan button.
  • select-the-formatted-partition

  • Once the scan starts you can click on the Dynamic Recovery View to restore the lost files from your formatted partition during the scanning process itself.
  • use-dynamic-recovery-view

  • After the scanning process, you can see your lost data under the Lost Partition folder.
  • recover-data-from-formatted-partition

  • You can double-click on any file to Preview the recovered files such as documents, PPTs, excel sheets, photos, videos, etc for free.
  • preview-the-recovered-files-for-free

  • If you are satisfied with the recovery results, select the files which you want to restore and hit the Recover button to save them at your desired location.
  • how-to-recover-lost-files-from-formatted-partition

Tips For Successful Files Recovery From Formatted Partition

  • Once you formatted your partition, stop using it to avoid overwriting the stored data and increasing the chance of partition recovery.
  • Do not download or install Remo Recover Software to the same partition where you lost data to avoid overwriting the stored data.
  • When recovering lost files from a partition, do not save them to the same partition where you lost them before. Select another partition or drive to restore them.
  • If you want to restore the files later after scanning, remember to save the scan result. You can directly restore them by importing them instead of scanning them again.
  • In case, If you are a MAC user download Remo Recover Mac which works smoothly on macOS computers and can easily recover your formatted partition from any Mac Operating System including the latest Monterey.


Data loss is inevitable when you have accidentally deleted or formatted a partition. This article summarizes how to recover data from a formatted partition using an effective data recovery tool like Remo Recover. If you have any further queries regarding the article, please make use of the comment section below.

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