Formatted Partition Recovery- Recover Data From Formatted Partition

Updated on December 28, 2021

Summary: Accidentally formatted your partition? Wondering how to recover data from formatted partition? This article has everything you need to know about formatted partition recovery. With the help of a powerful partition recovery software by Remo Recover, it recover files from formatted partition of hard drive.

Formatting a partition means that your existing data on the partition is erased when you hit that format button. It is always recommended to take backup of data before formatting a hard drive or partition.

However there are other scenarios like partition getting damaged or corrupt, virus infection, or hard drive becoming undetected and forcing you to format the hard drive. This means, all your important data vanishes from the formatted partition.

Common Causes for Deletion/lost Partition

  • Accidental data loss is a regular blunder that can happen to even the most experienced computer users.
  • Partition deletion can be caused by viruses or incorrect disk operations.
  • Power fluctuations, such as a surge or a power outage, might cause an erroneous shutdown, rendering the drive worthless.
  • Your partition will not be recognised by the operating system if there are bad sectors on the disk.
  • You may receive an error message requesting that you format, resulting in data loss.
  • Losing entire partition is most likely to happen when you are installing an operating system.
  • Errors while trying to convert from one file system to other like NTFS partition to FAT32 partition.

Can a Formatted Partition be Recovered?

When you format a partition you are not just deleting the existing data but also restructuring the format of data storage. Hence enhancing the performance of the storage device. However the data you deleted by formatting the hard drive will be marked as space available to be overwritten.

First thing to do when you have formatted hard drive is to stop using the hard drive to avoid overwriting existing data. This will increase the chances of recovering data from formatted partition. The next step is to make use of a trusted partition recovery software that can help you recover data from hard drive.

Enhanced features like deep scan, file signature search are embedded into Remo Partition Recovery Tool. So when data from a formatted partition is lost, there is no better way to get back your data from a formatted partition than using Remo Recover.

Must Read Guidelines Before you perform Formatted Partition Recovery:

  • Do not install Remo Partition Recovery Tool on to the partition from which you want to recover files.
  • Before formatting, check whether you have selected the right partition or not.
  • It is better to save recovered files on different drive or partition instead of same partition from which you have lost them.

How to Recover Files From Formatted Partition in Windows 10, 8 And 7?

  • Download and install the Remo Recover and start the recovery process on your Formatted hard-drive/ partition from which you wish to recover data from and press the Scan button.
  • The software Quick Scan will initiate the scan, once scan is complete the tool will run the Deep Scan wherein it recovers data sector by sector of the drive. (Where you will be provided with Dynamic Recovery View) from which you can simultaneously recover data while the Deep Scan is running.
  • Now select the folder or files that you want to recover from formatted partition and click on Recover.
  • You will be able to Preview the recovered files and partition.
  • Choose the needed file, click on Save a browse for a location to save the recovered data.

Reasons Why Remo is your Go to Software?

  • Ensures a quick file recovery from formatted partition
  • Designed to recover files of more than 300 types
  • Recover data after reformatting partitions or hard drives from FAT16 to FAT32, FAT32 to NTFS or NTFS to FAT or HFS+ to HFSX
  • Creates disk images bypassing the bad sectors from which you can recover your files later on
  • Available across all platforms of both Windows and Mac operating system


Data loss is inevitable when you have accidentally deleted or formatted partition. However, choosing the right approach towards recovering formatted partition. Do not go with any unreliable methods (just because it is claimed to be free) in a hurry to recover data from formatted partition. The aforementioned sections of the article guides you with the right but more importantly safe approach to recover lost data. 

Do let us know if you were able to recover formatted partition with the help of Remo Partition Recovery Software and do not the forget to share this article.

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