Restore BitLocker Encrypted Drive Data

The professional Remo Data Recovery software is the perfect choice to recover data from the bitlocker encrypted drive. The tool restores lost and deleted files from the encrypted drives, and offers free preview of the recovered files in its demo version itself. Download now and start recovering your data!!!

Have you lost any of your important data from BitLocker encrypted drive? Then calm down as you have arrived at the right place where you will get to know about the best recovery tool which can recover your important data from BitLocker encrypted drive.

How can you protect your confidential and important data from theft, intruders and hackers? The answer is by using BitLocker Drive Encryption. It is an advanced security feature introduced by Microsoft for Windows based operating system. BitLocker Drive Encryption provides best data protection by encrypting entire data stored on Windows based ssytem partitions or volumes. Encrypting the whole partition or volume allows you to protect all the data residing on the partition.

However BitLocker Drive Encryption is not safe from data loss, assume that you started performing BitLocker encryption on a drive but in course of performing if any interruption occurs such as sudden power loss, then you may probably lose your entire data on that drive. Apart from this there can be many other scenarios which can causea severe damage to your BitLocker encrypted drive. Below are some of the common data loss scenarios associated with BitLocker encrypted drive.

  • If you are deleting or formatting your data unknowingly or unintentionally then you may lose your data from BitLocker encrypted drive
  • File system of BitLocker encrypted drive may get corrupted due to severe virus infection, when this situation occurs the entire data within the BitLocker encrypted drive may get lost
  • You may come across a situation where BitLocker encrypted drive may become inaccessible due to disk input / output error or due to other reasons which would then result in loss of your data within the drive
  • At times the meta data associated with BitLocker encrypted drive may get damaged, when you come across this situation then you may lose your vital data

BitLocker encrypted drive is a mechanism by which you can protect your data from intruders and hackers by password protecting it. However BitLocker encrypted drive works normally as it was performing before encryption, as the data gets automatically encrypted and stored into hard drive.

Moreover if you have come across any data loss pertaining to BitLocker encrypted drive and if you are still wondering how to get back lost data from BitLocker encrypted drive then no need to worry as the lost data can be effortlessly recovered by making use of Remo Recover (Windows) software. The tool is equipped with many robust algorithms that could easily scan and extract all your lost data from these BitLocker encrypted drives in just a couple of minutes.

Remo Recover tool to Retrieve Data from BitLocker Encrypted Drive-

  • Remo Recover (Windows) is an efficient tool which can rapidly recover your data from a BitLocker encrypted drive
  • With the help of this utility you can even recover lost BitLocker encrypted partition with all its data intact
  • Compatible with drives such as SATA, SCSI, SSD and IDE etc.
  • Utilizing this advanced application you can recover data from password protected BitLocker drive
  • Supports recovery from major Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and many more
  • Recovers many types of files such as documents, videos, audios, pictures, zip files and many more
  • You can easily use this software as it provides you with easy to understand interface by which both professional and novice users can effortlessly recover the data from BitLocker encrypted drive
  • This popular utility supports file system such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5

Guide to Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Drive

  • Download and install demo version of Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool on to your computer
  • Launch the program and at the main screen select “Recover Partitions” option
  • Upon selecting the "Recover Partitions" option, the software displays the list of all the available drives on the system
  • Now, select the required Bitlocker encrypted drive and click "Scan" button
  • The software starts scanning the selected encrypted drive and once it completes scanning process, displays the lists of all the recoverable files on the screen
  • You can view the recovered files in either "File Type View" or "Data View". You can have a preview of the recovered data by using “Preview” option
  • The "Save Recovery Session" option allows you to save the scanned information. You can use this option to resume the saving process at any time without re-scanning the drive again
  • If you have satisfied with the recovery results of this product then purchase the application in order and save the recovered data at any location of your choice

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