Life looks very beautiful and easy going with new technologies. Your Seagate Slim for Mac is one such device which makes you feel data protected. As a hardcore music lover you cram your drive with all type of songs that you can download. When you realize that you are running short of space, you decide to save them in your Seagate Slim for Mac. And thats because this device is easy to carry. You earmark a volume for your songs and save all your songs in it. Now that all your favorite songs are safely protected in the external drive, you are bound to feel more secure. But you should be prepared for all eventualities. What if your favorite volume on your external hard drive disappears due to a technical glitch. All your important data will vanish in a flash. Or you may end up deleting the volume accidentally. If you do lose your volumes to accidental deletion, you need not worry because data recovery software can help you recover your volume.

Seagate Slim for Mac is compatible with Mac as well as other PCs. There is no need to reformatt it while using it with Mac and PCs interchangeably. This is the slimmest portable hard drive ever released in market. It is very sleek and light and never gives you the feeling of carrying an object. It is compatible with Time Machine software. It allows you to save photos from your social network just with a click. Also you can share your videos and pictures to social networks with a click.

You can recover your data from deleted volume using Remo Data Recovery software for Mac, in an easy way. Download the software and install it in your Mac operated system. Run the software. Select Recover Volume / Drives. Then opt for Volume Recovery. Select the external hard drive and click Next. The software searches for the deleted volume. Once it is located, select the volume to scan for the data stored in it. After the scan, the files are listed. If you are not satisfied with the scan result, you can go for Smart Scan. You can preview the files before recovering those files back. Select the files to be recovered and save at a particular location where you like.

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Safe and Secure
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