Recovering Data when External Hard Drive not Detected

Updated on January 20, 2020

Does your system facing trouble to detect external hard drive having your important files? Worry not, with this article you can easily recover data from external hard drive not detected in no time. Download and try the tool for free now.

External hard drives are considered to be a safe to our precious memories in the form of videos, pictures or some important information. The safe however sometimes, it can turn out to be at risk; when your external hard drive is damaged or corrupted and becomes undetected.

By following the instructions below, these are the questions that will be answered in this article and can help you recover data from external hard drive easy and safe:

What will you do to recover data from hard drive not detecting?

How will you recover data from not recognized hard drive?

Did you Know?

To recover data from your external hard drive hidden on windos 10 you will need to repair the external hard drive first.

Wondering how to repair the external hard drive not detected?

Stick till the end of the article and you will be able to both repair and recover data from undetected external hard drive.

Why is External Hard Disk is not detected?

There are many reasons behind unrecognized external hard drive, some of the most common reasons are mentioned below:

  • A dead USB port might be the culprit responsible for unrecognized hard drive
  • File System corruption to the hard drive making it impossible for the computer to recognise
  • Physical damages to the drive can leave it undetected
  • Driver issues in the Windows operating system
  • Virus attack or any malware infection can corrupt the external hard drive

Try these fixes to repair and recover data from undetected external hard drive:

  1. Check with different USB port:

As mentioned earlier a dead USB port can be the culprit behind undetectable hard drive. Hence check your external hard drive with a different port or computer.

  1. Using Disk management fix and recover data from hard drive not recognised:

Follow the below mentioned steps to fix the undetected hard drive:

  • Type Windows+X, select Disk Management
  • In the Disk management window, if the removable external hard drive is shown as unallocated you will have to create a new volume
  • Make a note of all the available drive letters
  • Right click on external hard drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths
  • In the next window click on Add and select the drive letter and click on okay
  • Restart your computer and see if this method was successful in fixing the issue

  1. Format the Drive:

If the previous method failed to fix undetected external hard drive, then you will have to format the hard drive. This can be because of a damaged file system or partition table inside the drive.

  • Go to Disk management window and right click on the external hard drive and click on Format

  • Formatting the hard drive will delete all the data on it.

Any of the above mentioned methods will help you fix the undetected external hard drive. 

Now the pending question that needs to be answered is how to recover data from undetected external hard drive? 

How to Recover Data from Hard Drive not Detected?

To fix the unrecognised hard drive you have to reformat it. You will need a professional hard drive recovery tool to restore data from formatted hard drive.

Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software is an award winning tool specialised to perform unrecognised hard drive data recovery. The tool is tailor made to recover lost data from complex data loss scenarios like undetected or unrecognised hard drives. Download and try the software for free now across both Mac and Windows.

Steps to Recover Data From External Hard Drive not Recognised:

Download and Install Remo Recover on your computer and follow the below mentioned steps:

Launch the tool, click on Recover Partitions

Select the undetected external hard drive and click on Scanhome screen to recover data from hard drive not detected

After completion of the scanning process, the tool will display the recovered data in Data view and File Type Viewdisplaying  recover data from hard drive not detected in file type view and data type view

Preview the recovered data from undetected hard drivepreview of recover data from hard drive not detected

Alas! Activate the software and save the recovered data on to desired location

(Quicknote: Don't save the recovered data on the drive you are recovering from. This will again overwrite the recoverable data diminishing the chances of restoring data.)

Standout Features of Remo Hard Drive Recovery Tool:

  • Ensures quick and safe recovery of data from hard drive not recognised
  • Designed to recover data from hard drives, SSD, SD cards, USB drive etc.
  • Supports recovery of more than 300 file types like images, audio, video etc. .
  • Works seamlessly in scenarios like inaccessible or unrecognized hard drives to recover data
  • Award winning software is available across all platforms of Mac and Windows operating system


We hope that you were able to recover data from undetected hard drive with all the above mentioned sections of the article. Not only that you can also recover data from the hard drive that is showing the CRC error. Make sure that you take a back up of data regularly to avoid losing data. If you were successful in restoring lost data from undetected hard drive, do share the word with your friends on social media.

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