How to Fix Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check On External Hard Drive?

Windows denies access to external hard drive data and shows up “Cyclic Redundancy Check” error; Remo Hard Drive Recovery software will help you in recovering back data from external drive in simple steps. Try Now!!!

External storage devices are meant for data transmission. But, users often come across various errors and issues while using external storage media like external hard drive, USB drive, media card and more. Out of several issues, "Data Cyclic Redundancy Check” on an external drive is the most common error experienced by a number of Windows users. So, let’s have a look on the error as well solution in detail.

What is external hard drive cyclic redundancy check error?

Cyclic Redundancy Check (in short CRC) is a data authentication technique used to verify data on the external hard device. As soon as you connect your drive to computer, windows starts checking the CRC value. If it finds no issues with the drive after running CRC, then you are allowed to access the drive. If CRC notices any problem with the drive then it screens “external hard drive not accessible data error Cyclic Redundancy Check”, “external hard drive won't initialize due to Cyclic Redundancy Check error” etc. messages and blocks access to the drive.

How to fix data error cyclic redundancy check on external hard drive?

Cyclic Redundancy Check error may crop up due to numerous reasons like broken registry, corrupted storage device, improper program installation, wrongly configured files, incorrectly written data onto the drive, OS corruption, abrupt power loss while using drive etc.

You cannot adapt a specific solution as the exact cause of the error is not determined. However, the best ways to fix Data Cyclic Redundancy Check error on an external hard drive are listed here. So, try these methods one after the other until the error resolves.

Method 1: Run CHKDSK

  • Go to Start, Run and type cmd
  • Type chkdsk and press Enter key
  • Type chkdsk D: /r (Replace D with external hard drive’s drive letter)

Method 2: Change Drive Letter

  • Right click on My Computer
  • Choose Manage
  • Select Disk Management from Storage
  • Find your external (removable) hard drive in right side panel
  • Right-click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths
  • Opt Change option and pick new letter from the list
  • Finish the process by hitting OK button

Method 3: Format The Drive

You can format your external hard drive just by right clicking and selecting Format option. Formatting resolves almost all errors of a storage device. Meanwhile, it erases entire data as well changes File System of the drive. So, recover all files from your external hard drive and then format it. Remo hard drive recovery tool will come in handy to recover files lost due to CRC error on external hard drives. The tool scans your drive thoroughly and extracts your data from it in simple steps.

Step to recover data from external drive showing CRC error:

  • Install Remo Recover (Windows) Pro on your computer
  • Connect the external drive, which screens CRC error
  • Launch the tool and hit Recover Partitions / Drives
  • Choose Partition Recovery option
  • Select your external hard drive
  • Hit Skip button
  • Mark your required files from File Type View/Data View
  • Save them on system’s internal drive

Know about Remo External Hard Drive Recovery:

Remo Recover is a capable external hard drive recovery tool that easily restores data from the portable storage device, that shows Cyclic Redundancy Check error. The software is built with advanced scanning module thus, it even recovers inaccessible, corrupt, unrecognized or formatted hard drives. Regardless of your external hard drive brand, you can use this utility to recover your data after CRC error i.e. it retrieves data from Maxtor drives, Seagate, WD External, Buffalo or any other External drives that shows CRC error.. It has such a simple interface that, even novice user can run it. Also, an excellent technical assistance is provided to guide you at all the times.

Points to recall:

  • Often scan your external hard drive to keep it healthy
  • Leave a copy of important files on internal drive, while saving them to external devices
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