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How to Recover Data after Formatting Laptop

You can learn how to recover data after formatting laptop (such as Dell, Toshiba, Sony VAIO, Acer, Lenovo, etc.) by using the best formatted recovery software. Only simple steps will recover deleted files after formatting laptop hard drive.

You were using an older version of Windows (Windows XP, Vista) and upgraded to Windows 8 or Windows 7, while upgrading did you format your laptop drive without taking any data backup?

Don’t panic! You can easily recover files lost during formatting your laptop with Remo Recover. Make sure you do not save any new data on the hard drive until data is recovered.

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When you format a hard drive using " Quick Format " or " Full Format " option the initial directory structure, boot record will be wiped away and all the data present on that hard drive would be made as available space ready to overwritten. If you keep using the drive, like restarting the system several times or installing various tools to undo the formatting process etc., may cause new information getting written on your hard drive. This will fill up the space which had become available for overwriting and might make you data permanently lost.

If you are a Mac user and trying to recover data from a HFS+ or HFSX formatted volumes then use Remo Recover Mac.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Laptop Hard Drive?

Download and install Remo Recover Software on your laptop. Run the software and click on Recover Partitions / Drives followed by Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option. Next, select the drive from where you wish to restore data and click Next. Once it finishes, you will notice a list of files to recover. Choose the files and save them in any location of your choice.

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MacBook Air is an extremely thin laptop hence it does not contain the regular hard drives, it has what is known as a solid state drive (SSD). SSD drive contains flash memory which can hold several hundred GB of data instead of magnetic platters like in regular hard drives. Remo Recover is designed to recover data from SSD drive also.

How to Recover Files from Accidentally Formatted Drive
You may end up accidentally formatting a drive by selecting the wrong drive letter for example: instead of D drive you select C drive and end up losing all the important data on it. If you act fast and take a few precautions data recovery from accidentally formatted hard drive is possible. Read here a brief tutorial on how to recover data from a accidentally formatted hard drive.

Recover Data after Disk Boot Failure
Hard disk failure may be noticed when you see messages like "Disk boot failure" or "Invalid drive specification". When these messages come up the reason would be corruption of system level files on your hard drive. The data will be inaccessible in these scenerios. To recover data you can use Remo Recover.

Recover Files Lost while Reinstalling Windows
While reinstalling Windows did you select an option to format and install? If so all the data that's present on the drive would be lost. To recover lost data after a reinstallation process, we recommend you to read this tutorial and understand how to recover lost files after Windows reinstallation.

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