Data recovery from formatted partition of Sony Vaio VPCSA35GG/T Laptop

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You prepare a presentation for your office meeting months in advance and save it on your Sony Vaio VPCSA35GG/T Laptop partition. Weeks after, you have to format the other partition with NTFS. Mistakenly you format the wrong partition and it happens to be the same drive where you saved the PPT.With the partition all your efforts get washed away. You evendo not have a backup of those formatted files. You have no other option left but to prepare the PPT all over again. What a loss! This means starting your research from scratch! Don’t worry. There is a way out. Your partition can be restored with its previous formatting.You can get your partition back using Remo Recover. This software will recover the formatted drive along with thefiles intact in it.It’s very simple and easy to work with.

Sony Vaio VPCSA35GG/T is a slim and light mobile laptop. You can work on it for long hours and that’s one of the best thing that you must be liking about it. It integrates features like 2.80 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.50 GHz Processor, TFT color display, Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System for STAMINA mode and SPEED mode along with a HD web cam powered by “Exmor”.

What happens when you format your partition? The new format gets over written on the existing format. When this happens the files present on the previous file system get erased. This is what has happened to your ppt file. It has disappeared along with the file system. If the previous file system can be restored, your ppt file can be recovered. You can use Remo Recover software to retrieve your ppt file. Remo is designed to provide the perfect solution to such problems.

Follow the following steps to recover formatted partitions with the help of Remo Recover.

  • Download and Install the software in your system.
  • Click on "Recover Partitions / Drives" tab
  • Once you go to the next page click "Recover Formatted / Re-formatted" tab
  • Now select a physical drive in which the data was saved and then click “next
  • Here the scanning process will start and it will search for the formatted partition.
  • After its over select the found partition/drive and it will give you the list of files found
  • You can use the "Smart Scan" option in case you don’t find the file you are looking for.
  • Now in order to save the recovery session you need to buy Remo Recover (Windows) - Pro Edition.


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