Recover data from iMac hard drive

Are you bewildering if it is possible to recover data from your iMac hard drive? To your amazement, it is possible. But you should be very careful while trying to do so. First of all, stop using your iMac drive as soon as you lose data, because if you keep on using the drive, operations like writing new files to it may overwrite the existing data on your iMac drive. Then it might not be possible to retrieve the data. Next go for a good data recovery software for Mac which can get back all files you have lost or deleted, in various situations.

Accidentally, sometimes you may empty the Trash or delete data from your iMac hard drive by using the ‘Command + Delete’ keys. There are also chances of some files bypassing the Trash. Data may also be lost by formatting the wrong volume while reinstalling Mac OS X on iMac machine, or accidentally formatting / reformatting the hard disk. Journal or Catalog file corruption may also lead to loss of data from your iMac hard drive. You may even lose your file while resizing volumes, or using third party tools to create / delete volumes on Mac or antivirus scanning. In whatsoever condition, you may lose data; Remo Recover is the perfect tool for you. It can get back everything successfully.


  • Keep multiple backup copies of your important data at different places, so that if you lose data at any point of time, you can always use the backup
  • Always turn off your system properly by killing all processes, which can prevent hard drive errors to a great extent
  • Do not try to use incompatible software and applications from un-trusted sources.

Remo Recover Mac to Retrieve iMac HDD Data

Remo Hard Disk Recovery Mac is a combination of all modern features necessary for successful data recovery. It is simpler and faster than any other recovery software. The recovery process is incomparably fast and is non-destructive. It is an extremely trustworthy recovery application designed to smartly extract data lost or deleted from your iMac hard drives. It has included all the modern algorithms required to retrieve information lost in any complex scenario. It can do so by reading the header and footer information which is unique for each and every file. It can even restore deleted or missing volumes from iMac hard drive easily. Sometimes harmful viruses may add garbage information in the file system by attacking the boot sector of your iMac machine. This tool can recover data even then.

Some prominent characteristics:

  • Quick scan feature search the entire Mac volume to recover deleted or missing files and folders at the earliest possible time.
  • Supports recovery of files from formatted iMac volumes
  • Ability to Add / Edit signatures and find files by their file extensions
  • View recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface
  • Restore files lost due to emptying Trash.

Tutorial to Recover iMac Hard Drive Data

Download and install the software on your iMac. If your iMac is not booting up, install the tool in another system, and connect your iMac hard drive through an external interface. Launch the application. Next, select “Recover Volumes / Drives” from the main screen. In the next window select “Volume Recovery”(Go through Video Tutorial 1) or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”(Refer to the second Tutorial), based on your data loss scenario. Then select the appropriate drive / partition on your iMac hard drive from where you wish to recover data. Next, select the file type and click on Next tab to start the scanning. Then the software returns a list of found files of specified type. Finally select the required files and save it on to any other drive / partition.

Video Tutorial 1

Video Tutorial 2

Why use only Remo Recover?

  • User-Friendly and simple interface
  • Read-only and non-destructive
  • Dual Recovery(Media and basic files)
  • Smart Scan option for advanced search
  • Maintains folder hierarchy
  • Options to Preview, Find, Save Recovery Session, Create Disk Image
  • 100 % Safe and Secure
  • Minimum Disk Space requirement
  • Free Downloadable Demo Version
  • Round the clock Technical Support
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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