Top 3 methods to recover lost or Deleted data from memory card:

All your lost or deleted media files from your memory card are safe. Data recovery methods explained here are applicable to all type of memory card such as SD Card, Memory Stick, CF Card and xD Card. Remo Photo recovery tool is capable of retrieving photos from memory card used in various portable electronic devices.

Lost favorite pictures from memory cards? Here is what you need to do

Permanent data loss from your memory card is no longer a burden. You can easily recover data from memory card in few simple steps. All type of media files such as Photos, Audio & Video files can be recovered.

Remo Recover uses a simple recovery procedure to find your lost or deleted memory card data that you forgot to take a backup. We recommend this tool to you, because it runs a quick search algorithm to detect and retrieve the missing or accidentally deleted images from your memory card.

Caution: You are not advised to use the affected memory card to save data, because it reduces the chances of data recovery.

Remo Photo recovery from memory card is possible in all type of memory cards used in portable electronic devices such as Digital cameras, Smartphones, Laptop & Computers, Portable media players and video game consoles.

Please find below list of supported memory cards by Remo Photo Recovery

Types of Memory Cards Variation
SD Card - Secure Digital Card SD, Mini SD & Micro SD
MMC - Multi Media Card RS-MMC, DV-MMC, MMC plus, MMC mobile, MMC micro, MMC secure.
MS - Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick Micro (M2)
CF Card - Compact Flash Card 3.3 mm-thick type I, 5 mm-thick type II (CF2)
xD Card - xD Picture Card Type M/M+ Card, Type H card

Causes of memory card data loss

  • Memory card file system corruption
  • Unexpected deletion of your pictures or audio & videos from your flash memory
  • Excessive memory card bad storage space(Bad Sectors)
  • Accidentally formatted your memory card causing complete data removal

Among media files from memory card such as photos, audio and video files, the major portion of memory is used by the images gallery to store pictures taken in different occasions. As we are used to store our personal photos in digital storage devices, there are abundant chances of losing or accidentally deleting images and other files.

So in such cases you don’t need to panic because, we are going to explain top 3 photo recovery methods for memory card to retrieve all your lost or deleted pictures without affecting the original files.

We recommend you the following methods to recover your lost, missing and accidentally deleted photos from memory card. These methods are applicable to all memory card brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend, Dane-Elec, Canon, Kingston, ADATA, Fujifilm, PNY, Olympus, Sony, Lexar and many more.

Method 3: Memory card data recovery using backup

Media files such as images, audio & video files lost or deleted from your digital device are not completely gone. If you have created a regular backup routine for your media files, you can easily retrieve the missing files from your backup space i.e. external drive, PC or Google drive. Restoring media files such as photos, audio & video files from a backup space does not affect the original quality of the file.

Method 2: Use CHKDSK to retrieve photos from flash memory.

Your photos are not accessible due to minor corruption in storage media. Easy way to repair that corruption is by performing CHKDSK command in Command Prompt.

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Initiate CHKDSK with Drive letter
  • Excessive memory card bad storage space(Bad Sectors)
  • Press Enter, Once the action is completed restart your computer.

Method 1: Quick photo recovery from memory card without losing data

  • Step 1: As a first step in recovering data from memory card, download Remo Recover on your computer and install the software.
  • Note: You can recover all type of media files such as Photos, RAW images, Audio & Video files
  • Step 2: Next, launch the software and select Recover Files option in the main screen. Then select the memory card from the displayed list of drives and click Scan
  • Step 3: The software now scans your memory card and shows all found files. Now you can view these files in 2 kinds of views; namely File Type View and Data View
  • Step 4: Next, preview the recovered files and save in any suitable location

  • Note: Disk location should not be the same as Lost / Deleted disk.
    Now you have successfully recovered your deleted files. Recovered files are saved in the disk location mentioned by you in Step 4.

How to avoid memory card data loss?

  • Easy method to have a copy of your missing or deleted images is by having a regular backup. Most common backup utility is Google Drive
  • Periodic ransomware checks on your memory card or digital devices prevents sudden data loss
  • Proper shutdown of your digital device
  • Sort your files to avoid accidental deletion.

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