Restore Data from Pen Drive

Files deleted or lost from pen drive? Recover them easily with Remo Recover software. The tool gets back data from formatted, inaccessible, or corrupted pen drive. Download Now!!

There are many instances where you would have lost important files from your pen drive. You mistakenly deleted files from it, the pen drive was accidentally formatted when it was connected to the system, it got corrupted, became inaccessible, and so on. Sometimes you lose files from pen drive without even knowing the reason for the loss. All these are very distressing situations!

So this means Lost Pen Drive Data Cannot be Recovered?

No, don’t come to a conclusion that files are permanently lost from pen drive. Although the files are invisible, they still remain in the pen drive itself. With Remo Recover software, you can get back data deleted, erased, or lost from pen drive in just few minutes. This user-friendly tool makes the recovery process easy even for a non-technical user.

Quick and Simple Solution for Restoring Pen Drive Data:

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software performs deep scanning of the pen drive to find files and recovers them in a short while. Files such as pictures, videos, including other multimedia files, documents, Spreadsheets, RAW files, and many other will be retrieved in few steps. Whether the flash drive is corrupted, damaged or unreadable, this application gets back files from it in a secure way.

Tutorial to Retrieve Data from Pen Drive:

  • Download and install Remo Hard Drive Recovery software on your system
  • Connect the pen drive to the system, and launch the application
  • On the main screen, click Recover Drives option. Select either Partition Recovery or Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option in the second screen based on the situation.
  • Select your USB flash drive from the list of drives displayed, and click Next
  • After scanning is completed, the list of recovered files will be displayed
  • Preview the restored files and select the ones to be saved

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software is also capable of recovering deleted or lost data from other storage mediums such as hard drives, FireWire drives, iPods, flash memory cards, and so on. The tool helps to recover data from HP flash drive, Toshiba, Transcend, Lexar, Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, and other jump drive brands. It supports pen drive recovery on all versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

Few instances of Losing Data from Pen Drive:

  • File system corruption
  • Abruptly ejecting USB flash drive from the system
  • Interruptions while transferring files from pen drive to system, or vice versa
  • Accidentally deleting files from the pen drive