Can I Restore RAID 5 Data with 2 Drives Failed

RAID 5 data lost due to 2 failed drives will be recovered safely by Remo Hard Drive Recovery software. The tool also retrieves data from RAID 0 and RAID 1 arrays with ease. Data from formatted or deleted RAID partitions will be restored quickly.

You are in big trouble! 2 of your RAID 5 drives failed and all your important data is lost. You don’t even have a backup which makes the situation even worse. Are there any chances of recovering RAID 5 data after 2 drives failed?

Failure of a drive on RAID 5 array is something which many users face. But, when 2 or more drives fail then it sure is something to worry about. It’s not easy getting data back when 2 drives have failed in RAID 5 partition. However, with Remo Hard Drive Recovery software, it is possible to restore RAID 5 data after 2 drives have failed.

Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool to Retrieve RAID 5 Data with 2 Drives Failed:

RAID 5 data lost when 2 drives failed can be recovered in a safe and easy way by Remo Hard Drive Recovery software. First of all, when you encounter data loss from RAID 5 array, stop using the partition. Use Remo Recover tool to get data back in an easy way. The software scans the entire drive with its advanced scanning mechanisms, and recovers data in a short while.

Tutorial to Restore RAID 5 Data with 2 Failed Drives:

  • Download Remo Hard Drive Recovery software and install it on your system
  • Run the application and select Recover Drives option from the main screen
  • In the next screen, select Partition Recovery option
  • Select the drive from which RAID 5 data has to be recovered and click Next button
  • The software now starts scanning to look for the partition; once scanning is completed it displays a list of partitions / drives
  • Choose the appropriate drive or partition required and click on Next option
  • Preview the recovered files and save them on a preferred location

Along with recovering data from RAID 5 array, Remo Hard Drive Recovery program also gets back data from RAID 0 and RAID 1 partitions. Files from formatted or deleted RAID partitions will be restored. The application retrieves data from FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, drives with ease. Moreover, files lost, erased or deleted from FireWire drives, memory cards, USB external drives will be restored.

Few Instances for Losing Data from RAID 5 Array:

  • Accidentally deleting a partition or important data on RAID 5
  • Boot record corruption which leads to RAID failure
  • Partition Table corruption which makes data present in the drive inaccessible
  • Deleting a partition by mistake while changing the file system, etc…

Under these scenarios, Remo Hard Drive Recovery software helps to restore data in a secure way. The application also supports data recovery from formatted or corrupted Windows hard disk drives, repartitioned drives, unbootable or RAW hard drives, and so on. The tool sorts the recovered data based on the file name, date, type and size. Furthermore, you can view the restored data using File Type View or Data View option.

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