How To Recover Data from Unallocated drive

Updated on January 21, 2020

Recover data from an unallocated drive using the recommended data recovery tool Remo Recover (Pro) in a few simple steps. Fist, get the free download of the software and restore your unallocated partition/drive data then, fix the unallocated drive in an easy way explained here.

Sometimes, a properly functioning drive or partition may disappear from Windows Explorer. If you check Disk Management, the status of the partition or drive is marked as “Healthy” but, the partition space is marked as “Unallocated”. So, what does this Unallocated partition or drive mean? How to recover unallocated disk or drive?

Unallocated partition is a result of various manipulations you have done on a drive. Such as numerous resizing of the partition on a drive or abruptly interrupting the disk while it is in use. When a partition is unallocated, only the file system is damaged and data is left intact but, not for a long time so start recovering unallocated partition or disk ASAP.

Warning: Stop using the unallocated drive. Using the unallocated drive will overwrite recoverable data and permanently erase the data.

How to recover unallocated Disk or Drive.

You can fix an unallocated disk or partition with help of diskpart command prompt utility. However, the process is unstable, a single mistake might erase the entire partition or disk. If you are a novice user please skip to next section for a much safer and recommended process of recovering unallocated partition. So, here are the instructions for how to recover unallocated disk or partition without data loss.

Before starting the process go to disk management, search for unallocated disk or partition and remember the size. Which is useful to identify

  • Click on Start and search for CMD, right-click on the CMD and select run as administrator
  • Type diskpart and tap enter. Later type list disk
  • Now command prompt will display available drives on the computer
  • Enter command select disk x (x is the disk number)
  • Follow with a command assign drive letter = x (assign with a previously unused drive letter)
  • After completing the process exit the command prompt and check if the drive is working properly or not.

However, this process is only limited to repair partition errors, no guarantee in recovering data from unallocated drive and risky to implement. A single mistake might lead to permanently erasing the data. So, proceed to the next section of the article to learn how to securely recover unallocated disk or drive.

How Can I fix unallocated drive without losing data

Built with effective scanning algorithms Remo Recover is the safest way to recover data from unallocated drive. Download and install Remo Recover and follow the steps:

  • Launch the Recover application and select the Recover partitions edition
  • Select the unallocated drive from available Storage devices and Volumes/ partitions
  • Click on Scan and wait for the scanning process to complete
  • If any partitions available on the unallocated drive you will be able to see now
  • Select the partition you want to recover and click on Scan to recover the files
  • Mark the files you want to recover and click on Save

Now, your entire data is recovered from the unallocated drive. So, you can try fixing the unallocated drive/partition I order to make it reusable. Also, recover files from a crashed hard drive using Remo Recover.

Remo Recover for Unallocated partition/ Drive/ Hard disk

Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) Pro Edition is an innovative data recovery software tool that can be used to recover data from unallocated drives or unallocated external hard drives. It can recover files such as audio files, video files, images, RAW pictures, documents, ZIP files, spreadsheets, etc. from unallocated space. It is also used to get back lost partition from SSD, HDD, external hard drive, USB flash drive and more.

Along with this, the data recovery wizard can perform data recovery from an undetected hard drive or accidentally formatted or reformatted hard drives.

In addition, it can recover files from storage devices having bad sectors by creating a disk image of your storage media. It is also equipped with a smart scan and RAW signature search options, to identify and recover hard drive, SD card, memory card, pen drive or any other storage device files within a single search, thus reducing the time taken for the data recovery process.

The step-by-step instructions offered by the program to perform disk recovery from an unallocated drive are designed in such a way that a user with zero technical knowledge can make use of this application to recover lost files or deleted files in a perfect way.


The unallocated disk is a typical issue that occurs on all kinds of storage devices. Fortunately, you can easily recover unallocated disk or drive if you have clear instructions. which by the way this article is about securely recovering data from unallocated drive. Recovering unallocated space on a drive using manual methods is risky and prone to data loss. Under such circumstances, it is recommended to use Remo Recover to avoid any kind of data loss.

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