How to Restore Data from Unallocated Drive

Recover data from unallocated drive

It is normal for a computer user to shrink or expand partitions or volumes based on his requirements. Sometimes after completion of this operation, due to some unknown reasons one of the partitions / volume on your hard drive or the entire hard drive may lose its file system. If this happens, then the data contained in the file system may get lost, because the file system is responsible for the maintenance of all the files in a partition / volume. A drive without a file system is termed as an unallocated drive. And the only way you can recover files lost from un-allocated drive is by the use of some recovery tool. Many people have opted for Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Pro Edition software to recover data from unallocated drives, since it is an easy to use and effective recovery tool in the market.

Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) Pro Edition:

Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) Pro Edition is an innovative recovery tool which can be used to recover data from un-allocated drives. It can recover files such as audio files, video files, images, raw pictures, documents, zip files, spreadsheets, etc. from un-allocated drives. It is also used to get back lost partition from SSD. Along with this, the tool is perfect when it comes to recover hard drive that was accidentally formatted or reformatted drives.

In addition, it can recover files from storage devices having bad sectors by creating a replica of the bad sectors. It is also equipped with smart scan and raw signature search options, which is designed to identify and recover hard drive files within a single search, thus reducing the time taken for the recovery process.

Why use Remo?

Remo Recover Software is a front runner in the recovery industry. All its competitors are trying to match its reliability and popularity among users. It is engineered to such an extent that it has reached the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability.

How to Use Remo Recover to Restore Data from Unallocated Drive:

The procedure to be followed to recover files from un-allocated drives is as follows-

  • Download and install the software
  • Run the application
  • Select “Recover Partition / Drives
  • Next since you want to recover files from un-allocated drives, select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery
  • Then specify the drive from where you want to recover the file
  • Next choose the file type you want to recover
  • The software rigorously scans the specified drive and recovers all the files that match the selected file type, which is displayed in data view and file type view
  •  If are not satisfied with the result produced by normal signature search, you have an option to use Smart Scan which is a more sophisticated signature search
  • Finally select the files you want to recover and store it in a location of your choice

All these steps are designed in such a way that a user with limited knowledge of working with computers can make perfect use of this application to recover lost files.

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