How to Recover Data from Unallocated Drive?

Recover data from an unallocated drive using the recommended data recovery tool Remo Recover (Pro) in a few simple steps. Fist, get the free download of the software and restore your unallocated partition/drive data then, fix the unallocated drive in an easy way explained here.

Recover Data from Unallocated Drive…

Sometimes, your properly functioning drive or partition may disappear from This PC or My Computer. And, if you check the drive in Disk Management, it shows as “Healthy” or “This device is working properly” but, the drive is marked as “Unallocated”. This can happen to a single partition or to a whole drive. So, what does this Unallocated space/drive mean? How to recover data from this unallocated drive? Well, here is the answer.

It is normal for a computer user to shrink or expand partitions or volumes based on his requirements. Sometimes while performing these operations, due to some reasons like virus attack, incorrect partitioning/repartitioning, hardware failure, etc. one of the partitions/ volumes on your hard drive or the entire hard drive may lose its file system.

If this happens, then the data contained in the file system may get lost, because the file system is responsible for the maintenance of all the files in a partition/volume. A drive without a file system is termed as an Unallocated drive.

And the only way you can recover data from unallocated drives is by using an efficient data recovery software. Many people have opted for Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Pro Edition software to recover data from unallocated drives since it is easy to use and effective recovery tool in the market.

Restore Data from Unallocated Drive with Remo Recover Pro:

Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) Pro Edition is an innovative recovery tool which can be used to recover data from unallocated drives or unallocated external hard drives. It can recover files such as audio files, video files, images, RAW pictures, documents, ZIP files, spreadsheets, etc. from unallocated space. It is also used to get back lost partition from SSD, HDD, external hard drive, USB flash drive and more.

Along with this, the data recovery wizard acts as an ideal solution when you want to recover the hard drive that was accidentally formatted or reformatted.

In addition, it can recover files from storage devices having bad sectors by creating a disk image of your storage media. It is also equipped with a smart scan and RAW signature search options, to identify and recover hard drive, SD card, memory card, pen drive or any other storage device files within a single search, thus reducing the time taken for the data recovery process.

The step-by-step instructions offered by the program to retrieve data from the unallocated drive are designed in such a way that a user with zero technical knowledge can make use of this application to recover lost files or deleted files in a perfect way.

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Recover Data from Unallocated Drive:

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover Pro wizard and click on the Recover Partitions button.

Step 2: Choose the unallocated disk drive/partition from where you want to recover data and click Scan.

Step 3: The software deep scans the unallocated drive and displays restored data from it. Go through the list of recovered data and Preview required files.

Step 4: Finally, mark the files which you want to recover and Save them in a location of your choice.


  • Stop saving new files or using your unallocated drive further to avoid overwriting of lost data
  • Don’t install the Remo Recover software on your unallocated drive/partition. Instead, get the free download of the software on a working computer. Use your unallocated drive as an external hard drive and perform data recovery from it.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result produced by a normal signature search, you have an option to use a Smart Scan which is a more sophisticated signature search.
  • Do not save recovered data from the unallocated drive back to the same partition/drive

Now, your entire data is recovered from the unallocated drive. So, you can try fixing the unallocated drive/partition I order to make it reusable.

How to Fix Unallocated Drive?

  • Press Windows + R keys together
  • Type Diskpart hit Enter
  • Next, type in below commands in order and press Enter key after each
  • list volume
  • select volume Y (replace Y with the drive letter of your unallocated drive)
  • delete volume

Go to Disk Management and create a new volume with a preferred file system on your unallocated drive.

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