Recover Data loss due to file system corruption of Transcend StoreJet (TS500GSJ25M2) external hard drive

Updated March 15, 2022

Are you wondering how to recover data from file system corruption of Transcend StoreJet? In this article, we will how to recover data from Transcend StoreJet external HDD. However, for the quick recovery make use of Remo Recover. It is a powerful tool built with a deep scan engine that scans every sector of the drive to recover data from file system corruption of Transcend StoreJet external HDD.

You never know when your file system may fail. Let’s consider a possibility. You store all your important files in Transcend StoreJet (TS500GSJ25M2). One day while working, a power surge occurs. When power is back, and you want to open a partition on your external hard drive, the system asks you to format it. This means the partition has lost its file system. Now you must be wondering, where did the file system go? You will also be worried about the files in the partition? Have they gone forever? Don’t worry, because the solution lies with Remo Recover (Windows). With the help of this application, you can restore all your lost data.

Most people go for Transcend StoreJet (TS500GSJ25M2) because of its design and safety features. It’s a 2.5 inch hard drive of memory consisting of 500 GB. It has an internal hard drive damper which protects you from incidental knocks and jolts by a shock protecting system which combines vibration absorbing silicon on the outer cell. It was because of this unique feature that you preferred storing your data in this drive.

The data which is lost due to file system corruption can be restored using the data recovery software.

How to Recover Data from Transcend StoreJet (TS500GSJ25M2) Hard Drive?

  • Download and install Remo Recover on your computer.
  • Now connect your external hard drive to your computer. From the main screen select the drive (Transcend Store Jet [TS500GSJ25M2]) from which you want to recover data from, and click on the Scan button to start the scanning process. If the hard drive didn't show up on your screen, then click on the Can't find the drive option.
  • select the transcend storjet hard drive

  • Once the scanning process is completed, a list of recovered files will be displayed.
  • once the scan is complete a list of recovered files will be displayed

  • Preview the recovered files by double clicking on it to check the efficacy of the software.
  • double click on the files to preview them

  • Finally, select the files and the location where you would like to restore the recovered files.
  • select the files that you want to recover and also select a location to save them

  • Once the saving process is completed, the following screenshot will appear on your screen.
  • successful completion of the data saving process

How to Avoid File System Corruption?

File system corruption may occur due to various reasons. Although Remo Recover (Windows) is there to recover we must also try to avoid it. Some of the precautionary steps are -

  • Properly shut down the Laptop or PC after use because it helps to prevent data loss.
  • Take care while unplugging USB, FireWire, or the charger.
  • Always use a branded and updated version of anti –virus.
  • Prefer scanning the external hard drive before running it on your system.
  • Try to keep your hard drive firmware update.

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